10 Holiday Confessions :: Blogmas Day Four

Today’s Blogmas is going to be a little different. I had planned to go live with an amazing one bowl brownie recipe that I have been making nonstop the last month, but being sick on top of the chronic illness life has had me exhausted lately. Instead, I’m sharing some holiday confessions with you guys!

10 Holiday Confessions - Blogmas Day 3 on BySarahShea.com

You know the kind of confessions I’m talking about – the things we all (well, most of us) think but don’t exactly speak of during the holidays. These are my top ten holiday confessions. I would love it if you’d drop yours in the comments.

Confession #1
Your friend is cute

Holiday Confession #1 -Blogmas Day 3 on BySarahShea.com

There are some people I really only see during the holidays, usually Cody or my mom’s friends, that are cute. I won’t lie – this is often the only reason I agree to go to whatever function they are trying to drag me to. If I’m stuck someplace where there is literally nothing that interests me, I would really enjoy having interesting people to look at.

Confession #2
I Don’t like you – just your kids or pets

Holiday Confession #2 -Blogmas Day 3 on BySarahShea.com

As we get older and more of our friends have children, I can be enticed to attend holiday parties for other reasons than cute friends. Now I’m here to hold your adorable baby, pet your dogs, and play peek-a-boo with the toddlers.

I’m ok with spit up on my cute sweaters, dog hair on my black leggings, and being the dinosaur that nobody else wants to be. These things are way more preferable to me than small talk about the weather, work, or “just how amazing her quiche is!”.

Confession #3
I don’t really have family plans

Holiday Confession #3 -Blogmas Day 3 on BySarahShea.com

Sometimes when I’ve had several things in one week and suddenly there is one more event I have to go to (that I definitely forgot about), I’ll fudge a little and claim I have family plans.

My uncle might be in town, have a coffee date with my grandparents, or maybe I’m watching my niece. Sometimes if I feel really guilty, I might actually make plans with my family. More often than not, I’ll be curled up at home drinking hot tea with a face mask on before the event or party even starts.

Confession #4
I did not just throw this on

Holiday Confession #4 -Blogmas Day 3 on BySarahShea.com

If you tell me how cute I look or how great my outfit is, there is a 99% chance I will laugh, say thank you, and then mention offhandedly that it was just something I threw together.

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It wasn’t.

I have a ton of social anxiety so everything I’m wearing, from my earrings to my socks, has been thought out and planned. I’m much too self-conscious to venture out to a social event in just something I threw on. Now, if we run into each other when I take my niece to taekwondo practice or I picking up ice cream at DQ, there is a high chance I just threw that on.

Confession #5
I’m uncomfortable when you repeatedly offer me food

Holiday Confession #5 -Blogmas Day 3 on BySarahShea.com

Not many people in my day to day life know, but I’ve struggled with disordered eating most of my life. Anybody with food issues knows the holidays are a struggle in general. I get that most people are not intending any harm, but it makes social events very uncomfortable.

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A good rule of thumb is to just not comment on what or how much somebody is eating unless you honestly know that it won’t bother them or they’ve asked you to say something. I’m really bad about mindlessly munching so I ask Cody to point out that I’m doing it.

Confession #6
I make excuses to get some alone time

Holiday Confession #6 -Blogmas Day 3 on BySarahShea.com

No, my phone didn’t really ring and that is definitely not a voicemail I’m headed outside to listen to – that’s just the excuse I’m using to get outside and grab some fresh air.

It doesn’t matter if they’re my best friends, Cody’s friends, or a group of people I casually know – I won’t make it the entire time without some alone time. If we’re at a restaurant, I’ll excuse myself to the bathroom. If it’s a party at somebody’s house, I’m going outside.

It isn’t personal and it isn’t something you need to worry about. I’m not mad at you. I just need a minute to myself every now and then.

These are turning out to be more of general confessions instead of holiday confessions.

Confession #7
I’m reading fanfiction

Holiday Confession #7 -Blogmas Day 3 on BySarahShea.com

If you catch me sneaking away or hiding in the corner on my phone, I’m probably trolling Tumblr for a new fanfic to read. Or I’m already a few thousand words deep and I won’t be much company for awhile.

I’m sort of sorry, but mostly I’m dying to know what happens next.

Confession #8
I don’t care how clean your house is

Holiday Confession #8 -Blogmas Day 3 on BySarahShea.com

I mean, I know I told you this but I also know you don’t believe me. Honestly, I don’t care. You’ve got your own life, kids, pets, and things that don’t revolve around this get-together.

So stop stressing about your floors and curtains, just enjoy the time with your friends and family

Confession #9
I hate the small talk

Holiday Confession #9 -Blogmas Day 3 on BySarahShea.com

Tell me about your dreams, your struggles with parenting, the hardship and heartache of owning your own business – I want real conversation when we gather.

So please, stop talking about the weather and all the other superficial small talk. Let’s have a real conversation and grow as friends.

Confession #10
I hate when you ask me about having kids

Holiday Confession #10 -Blogmas Day 3 on BySarahShea.com

Even some of my friends cannot seem to take the hint, but it is none of your damn business. I currently don’t plan on having kids – ever. I’m well aware that I may change my mind. Asking me forty-nine times over a glass of white wine is not going to be the thing that changes my mind.

On a larger spectrum, there are many women that have lost their babies, deal with fertility issues, or several other issues that don’t want to discuss having children.

Bottom line – it is none of your damn business.

What are your holiday confessions? Do we have any in common?


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