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It’s a new decade, a fresh start, a new year, and a chance for change all rolled into one. I feel a shift like I’ve never felt before. I know next year and the next decade are going to bring amazing changes, new starts, and growth – lots of growth. Which is why I spent the last three months of 2019 focusing on making sure my 2020 goals were exactly what I needed them to be.

2020 Goal Setting with the Wheel of Life on BySarahShea.com

Typically this season is New Year Resolution season and this hits harder now that it’s the beginning of a new decade. Like the last few years, I’m not setting resolutions, I’m setting goals.

A shocking 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail by February, while only about 8% of people keep their resolutions. These numbers were one of the factors behind me picking goals, but the terminology is the other. Goals are made to be achieved. Goals are meant to be crushed. For the best results, you can create a plan and execute steps to take action and get results. Resolutions are an ending – the last bit before the book closed.

But I’m not creating an ending, I’m creating a list of items that will propel me forward in life and enable me to accomplish everything  I want. I think how you frame everything in your life impacts how you respond or react.

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I utilized Darren Hardy’s Best Year Ever and the wheel of life to help determine my goals. I’m sharing my wheel of life goal-making sheet at the bottom of the post!

I did Best Year Ever with the ladies in my Facebook accountability group! My coach introduced me to BYE last year and I fell in love. But to be transparent, I didn’t finish it last year BUT I still saw some success from the parts I did do. So I knew that by rocking it this year, I would definitely make 2020 my personal best year ever!

2020 Goal Setting with the Wheel of Life on BySarahShea.com

Each year I pick a theme or phrase to represent what I’m going to be focusing on; 2020’s is Health & Fitness because when I make my health a priority I feel so much better and then I’m able to be my best self in my relationships and in work. Because of this, my major focus this year is getting to the healthiest version of me!

I’ve also decided to pick a second word for 2020 – discipline. It takes discipline and focus to reach your goals and I’ve definitely lacked both in the past.

Since I did my goals with the wheel of life, I’ll be sharing them in those sections. If you haven’t tried the wheel of life, I really encourage you to!

2020 Goal Setting with the Wheel of Life on BySarahShea.com

Professional & Business Goals

Oof. I quit my 9-5 (well, 8-4:30) in October in order to work from home. Due to a few things out of my control and several within my control, I have not dedicated the amount of time and energy needed to really make working from homework for me.

That’s going to change. Now.

I need to make this work. I have so many huge things I want to do in the next few years and to do them, I need the flexibility of working from home but also a steady income.

Now I know talking about money makes some people uncomfortable, so if that’s you, please skip to the next section because I’m about to get real. By the end of 2020, my goal is to be making a minimum of $1400 each month. But, because goals are best achieved when broken down into smaller steps, my goals for the first quarter is to make $500 a month. The second-quarter goal is to make $800 a month, the third-quarter goal is $1000 a month. If – WHEN – hit these goals, the next logical step is my yearly goal of $1400 a month.

I’m going to achieve this by multiple streams of income. Currently, I’m decluttering my house and selling a lot of stuff on Poshmark. This isn’t a sustainable source of income because I don’t plan to purchase items to sell. However, if I’m out thrifting and I see something I can flip for a profit, I’m going to flip it.

Other professional and business 2020 goals I have include posting on this blog a minimum of two times a week, improving my time management skills, learning more about using Pinterest and Instagram to drive blog traffic, and creating a method of passive income.

2020 Goal Setting with the Wheel of Life on BySarahShea.com

Personal Financial Goals

By March, I want to be successfully doing the 70/30 budget method, side hustling hard and applying those earnings to paying off debt, and sticking to our weekly budget. We also are going to do one no spend week a month and apply that part of the budget to either savings, paying off debt, or toward a fun thing like a vacation.

I’m sure navigating the beginning stages of the 70/30 budget will be very difficult for us. We haven’t had a successful budget and tend to just spend as we wish. Which is fine month to month, but it doesn’t leave us paying off debts or saving for the future. However, I am confident that we can and will slay the budget once we fine-tune things a little, which is why I’m only giving us a three-month window to nail it.

I also love the idea of a no spend week. I got the idea from Jordan Page (this video actually!). We’ve tried a no spend month and it was crazy trying, but a week is such a good and manageable amount of time.

A no spend week gives us a chance to do several things, like use up all the random stuff in our fridge and freezer, make sure to finish up any almost empty products, and to break any bad spending habits before they start. I’m a huge impulse shopper and Cody would eat out constantly if given the chance. We’re breaking the cycle so we can upgrade our living space, hopefully move, and enjoy vacations stress free.

2020 Goal Setting with the Wheel of Life on BySarahShea.com

Mental & Physical Health Goals

My main focus this year is my health. I’m kicking my health and fitness journey up a notch in order to achieve my goals and surprise myself with what I can do. I’ll have a post up Monday diving in depth on how I plan to make 2020 my healthiest year ever, but I’ll give a quick overview here.

I’m starting the year off with a 21 day total reset. There’s a huge misconception that it’s a cleanse, but it isn’t. It’s more of a focus on eating plenty of fruits and veggies while eliminating excess sugar consumption. I did it last year and called it Break Up With Sugar. I love it because it always brings me a new appreciation for fruits and veggies I didn’t previously like. I’m going to do an in-depth review and explanation when I finish. But you can also follow along day by day on my Instagram. I’ve also got a killer line up of fitness programs with variety that I’m incredibly excited about.

I’m also going to focus more on healthy eating and limit my dairy to minimal amounts when I go out to eat. I’m going to focus on getting in all of the necessary fruits and veggies because I tend to skip those.

 I’m going to start each day with my superfood blend, stretching in front of my sun lamp, and listening to a book on Audible.

I’ve also been obsessed with skincare for a while, so I’m heavily focusing on improving my skin this year. I have a bad habit of skipping my day or night routine if I haven’t left the house and that isn’t a good way to keep healthy skin. I currently have a compromised moisture barrier so I’m giving up my acids for January and focusing on layering moisturizing products. I’m also going to be all about my water intake. I’ve talked about water before, but I’ll be tracking and trying to get in extra ounces each day.

As for my mental, I’m going to set aside time each week to craft and create, two things that bring me joy but I don’t do very often. I’m also going to take breaks when I feel I need them in order to not get burnt out.

2020 Goal Setting with the Wheel of Life on BySarahShea.com

Family, Relationship, & Lifestyle Goals

I’ve always wanted to be a person that sends cards for birthdays, so this year I’m doing that! I’m also going to focus on being more present with my niece and other family members.

We’re going to set up monthly date nights! I’m excited for this because we get into a really boring habit of popping in a pizza and watching Netflix for date night. That’s nice sometimes, but a change of pace every now and then is also great.

As for lifestyle goals, these are dependent on being successful at my side hustles. We’ve never really decorated where we live (because I hate it), so I’m going to work on decorating our house room by room. I’d also like to create a more cohesive wardrobe. I have a huge tendency to buy whatever catches my eye but that leads to a closet that doesn’t mix and match well. I at least want to try and stick to colors that coordinate, but I’d love a wardrobe that can mix and match while multitasking.

I also want to start getting facials this year. One goal we had previously was to travel a lot during 2020, but we are cutting back this year to save more money.

2020 Goal Setting with the Wheel of Life on BySarahShea.com

Spiritual Goals

I’m going to keep these to myself, mainly because I’m not entirely sure how to share them.

What are your 2020 goals?

I’m sure you are ready to crush 2020, but if you don’t quite agree, grab this wheel of life goal planning sheet set!

Wheel of Life 2020 Goal Setting on BySarahShea.com

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