And I Oop :: Blogmas Catch Up

The best of intentions, right? The last three days have been so busy. I honestly knew they would be, so I should have prepared better. I’m taking this as a learning opportunity and a lesson to be better prepared in the future. So, welcome to my blogmas catch up post 🙂

Friday I drug my still mostly sick self out of bed to make my hair appointment. It was scheduled back in October to go with a friend so I couldn’t exactly skip out. I was glad I went because I missed her more than I realized. I also used to be coworkers with the women who does my hair, so it’s always nice to catch up with her, too.

About four years ago, during my last two semesters in college, I dyed my hair purple on a whim and I absolutely loved it. So I went back to what I call my natural hair color because I feel my most me with it. I went with a deep purple with dark roots this time and I love it.

I’m also contemplating doing the big chop next year if I can’t get my curls healthier, so I also cut my hair the shortest it has ever been. I still haven’t gotten it wet, so I’m not entirely sure how short my curls are.

I then headed home and crawled into bed.

Saturday and Sunday were both spent the same way – deep cleaning our house. I did not want to do it and I had been putting it off for a couple of months, but I honestly feel so much better now that the majority of the house is clean. We still have to do the bedroom and my closet, but it is so refreshing.

Because I’m still kind of sick, all of the dust and such has not been great, I’ve been sleeping in. We finished up a few house things this morning and I wrapped my niece’s advent presents.

What’s next?

Well, I’m about to tuck myself in with a hot cup of tea and read. I’m hoping to get a little extra sleep tonight to finally get over this sickness.

I’m going to get back to blogmas tomorrow and hopefully into the kitchen to try some recipes for you guys!

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