Healthy Habits :: Benefits of Staying Hydrated & Easy Ways to Do It

I am never without a bottle of water. I keep a couple of bottles in my car, one beside my bed, I always have my Hidrate Spark 2.0 in my purse, and I have a ton of refillable bottles stocking up my cabinet. Staying hydrated is must in my life and it should be in yours!

I never used to be a person that drank water.

When I was younger, the closest I came was the occasional drink from the school water fountain (ew – germ-y). My go-to drink was Gatorade and rootbeer. Super healthy, no? I was never fully hydrated and always feeling off. This unhealthy trend continued after high school and into college, until I was diagnosed with idiopathic intracranial hypertension. One treatment is a diuretic, so I am always borderline dehydrated and my doctor made it clear that I needed to seriously up my water intake.

So I did! I now drink over the suggested amount of water for my body weight almost every day and I can tell a distinct difference if for some reason I don’t manage all of my ounces. How much water should you drink? The suggested amount is between half an ounce and an ounce per pound of body weight. So, if you weigh 145, you need to drink between 72.5 ounces and 145 ounces of water a day. Aim for the largest number and you’ll almost always hit the lowest number.

There are so many benefits to staying hydrated and drinking enough water!

Headache Prevention :: Ok, there are SO many different types of headaches, but one pretty common is a dehydration headache. Those suck and it is so easy to prevent them!

Healthier Skin :: I’m all about skin care – it’s truly an obsession. This is the cheapest and easiest way to improve the clarity and texture of your skin. Being properly hydrated keeps your skin cells plump, improving fine lines and wrinkles. It also helps keep your skin from itching as much. You can literally see the difference written all over your body when you start drinking enough.

Better Digestion :: This can be a tmi subject, but we’ll keep it vague. Basically, water keeps everything running properly, so being adequately hydrated can help keep you regular and elevate any discomfort you may be having in that area.

Overall Body Health :: Water helps cushion your joints, regulate body temperature, carries all kinds of goodies to your cells, and improves brain function. It can help boost your metabolism and decease appetite.

Basically, it keeps your body functioning at peak level – which we all want, right?

Making water a habit can be so easy.

Anything that makes your body all happy and healthy is a no brainer, but sometimes it can seem so daunting to fit in all of those ounces. It gets easier and easier the more you do it and soon it’s a habit you don’t even have to think about! These are so me things I do that helped make drinking water super easy. I hope they work for you, too!

Pick Water :: Start reaching for water instead of coffee or juice at meals and soon it’ll be habit for you to order water instead. If you still want that OJ or lemonade, order a glass of water with it and drink it after your first glass of not water.

Time It :: When I was in college, I drank half a bottle when I sat down in each class and the other half when I got up to leave class. Making it part of my daily routine made it mindless. I do the same thing a work. I have a bottle on one of our wrap stands and each time I pass it, I take a large drink. I honestly don’t even think about it anymore. Set up some kind of system, like drinking a glass every time you have a snack or a large drink when you send a text, and I promise in no time you’ll be hitting your water goals.

Flavor It :: There are several things on the market that you can use to flavor your water, but the best and simplest thing is fruit! There are so many different combinations that can change plain water into something exciting. You can even get refillable bottles that have a built in infuser.

Purify It :: Get a Brita! It changed my relationship with water. They make tiny in fridge filtered jugs, large fridge jugs, and even filters that fit onto your sink spout. It tastes just like bottled water and can save tons of money.

Bottle Fun :: Get a fun water bottle! It’s better for the environment than those plastic ones, cheaper in the long run, and so easy to toss and go. My absolute favorite is the Hidrate Spark 2.0! It tracks how much water you’ve drank and syncs with an app, gives you notifications when you’ve hit your goal or if you’re behind on your goal. You can also set up other notifications via the Hidrate app. The notifications are super cool! The tracking stick in the middle of the bottle glows. It’s discreet for work, but still cool enough to keep your interest. I freaking love it! Another fun bottle is the bkr bottle. They have so many cool, fun, and trendy styles. I have a super simple one, but I totally plan on getting a few more. I love that it’s glass; I use it a lot for my hot tea.


It’s really easy to become that person that drinks water!

I promise that you will love how much your body loves you being that person!

What tips and tricks do you use to stay hydrated? Ant awesome water bottle suggestions?

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