Gifts That Give Back

It’s the season for gifting! Gifts are my love language so I really enjoy this season. I spend all year scouting for gifts (and forgetting to buy them until too late) and I love to pick gifts that give back! I think it’s so important to support and promote businesses that focus on making a lasting change. 

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Holidays and Diet Culture :: My Thoughts

I sat down last night to write this Blogmas post – originally about different Netflix Holiday movies I wanted to see, but hadn’t had the chance – but it wasn’t what was really n my mind, or my heart. I’ve been preoccupied with with diet culture and what it means in terms of the surrounding holidays. 

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Christmas Decor Inspiration :: Pinterest Roundup

Christmas season is fully upon us! That means twinkly lights, cozy decor, and so much more! I’m sharing my favorite Christmas decor inspiration from Pinterest with you today. I love cozy, rustic glam inspired decor and that’s mainly what I’ll be sharing today.

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Last Minute Gift Guide :: Skincare Edition

I’m a skincare junkie and I am in no way going to apologize for it. I would love to be able to spend insane amounts of money on facials and all of the newest skincare products. I’m definitely not in a place in my life where I can, so I put a lot of research and focus into my skincare and I’m sharing a lot of my must haves, wants, and will have soon products in this skincare gift guide. 

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Fun Holiday Date Ideas

Oh, hey, it’s already Blogmas Day 6 Day 7! I would say times flown by but . . . It really hasn’t. It’s be a long week. I was planning on getting this up and live bright and early this morning, but I fell asleep typing it! Whoops. I hope you enjoy these fun holiday date ideas!

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Favorite Christmas Movies

My favorite part of December is hands down hot chocolate and chestnut praline lattes, but Christmas movies are a very close third! I wasn’t planning on doing a favorite Christmas movies list, but when I set down tonight, I couldn’t put Christmas movies out of my mind.

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Last Minute Gift Guide for the Animal Lover

This was so not the plan for Blogmas Day 5, but well, plans were meant to be broken. Right? I got the idea for the animal lover gift guide when I was shopping for my annual puppy grab bag for Cody’s brother and sister-in-law. Plus, who doesn’t love watching a furbaby get excited when they get a gift?

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5 Tips for Holiday Shopping – From an Ex-Retail Worker

Holiday shopping tips & tricks straight from a (past) retail worker!

I spent two and half years working in retail and I can honestly say it was one of the most rewarding, challenging, frustrating, fun, and angering jobs I’ve ever had. But I learned so many amazing tips that I use every single time I shop. I decided to share some holiday shopping tips that I picked up while working retail in the hopes that it will help you during your holiday shopping.

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A Guide to Picking the Perfect Last Minute Gift

My top tips to picking the perfect last minute gift that screams ‘I put effort and thought into this’ and not ‘opps, I forgot . . . again’.

I’m so last minute. Like, with everything, almost. I think this year was the first time I finished my niece’s advent before November 31st. Although I only finished wrapping them this morning . . .  Since I am so familiar with the last minute life style, I thought I’d share my tips to picking the perfect last minute gift that screams ‘I put effort and thought into this’ and not ‘opps, I forgot . . . again’.

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