Superfoods :: Shakeology Review

I used to hear the words “superfood smoothie” and roll my eyes so hard and you should have seen my face when I was told that it would be one of the best things I did for my health. I’m pretty sure I laughed out loud. Now, I drink one every day and post frequently on my Instagram about how much I love them. I even make superfood treats with my Shakeology!

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Holidays and Diet Culture :: My Thoughts

I sat down last night to write this Blogmas post – originally about different Netflix Holiday movies I wanted to see, but hadn’t had the chance – but it wasn’t what was really n my mind, or my heart. I’ve been preoccupied with with diet culture and what it means in terms of the surrounding holidays. 

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Apple Pie Banana Bread

I adore this bread! It’s moist, flavorful, and packed full of hidden veggies. Each serving is huge, filling, and has zero added sugar. This apple pie banana bread so easy to tweak if you have dietary restrictions and it’s yummy enough even your kids will love it!

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21 Fitness Tips for Beginners

21 health & fitness tips I wish I knew when I started my fitness journey.

Fitness can be a scary thing to get into. If you google helpful fitness tips, you get tons of contradicting information and tips on whatever fad diet is the hottest. If you check Tumblr or Instagram, there’s so much potential to get trapped in ‘diet culture’ and all that ‘fitspo’ crap. 

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3 Things I Do For My Mental Health :: World Mental Health Day 2018

It took years before I was semi-comfortable speaking about my mental health and how it impacts my daily life. I’m still not entirely comfortable with talking about it, but I find the more I talk about mental health, the easier it is to keep talking about it.  Continue reading “3 Things I Do For My Mental Health :: World Mental Health Day 2018”

Easy, On the Go Workouts

I’ve been on the road a ton lately! My niece has had sports activities a few hours away, I’ve been helping my mom update a home she owns in Tennessee, and this has all led to 10+ hours in the car over a two or three day time span. I’ve been practicing my new intuitive, mindful eating principals (more on that another day), and I’ve been staying active by quick doing workouts in the evening or during downtime in the afternoon. Continue reading “Easy, On the Go Workouts”

Fabletics Review:: Workout wear for less!

I’ve been working out almost every day lately and it’s taken a toll on my clothes! I don’t own a ton of workout clothes, so my meager supply (4 leggings, 3 shorts) was being washed almost constantly. When I saw a fellow Beachbody coach posting about Fabletics 2 for $24 leggings sale, I knew I had to order! Continue reading “Fabletics Review:: Workout wear for less!”

What Self Care Looks Like For Me

Self care is something that is so incredibly important. And yet, we often only hear about self care when somebody has had a tough workout or when mental health is having a moment in the media. But, self care is extremely important and needs to have a moment everyday! I’m super guilty about only ‘indulging’ in self care when it gets bad and not ‘practicing’ self care regularly. Continue reading “What Self Care Looks Like For Me”

Healthy Habits :: Benefits of Staying Hydrated & Easy Ways to Do It

I am never without a bottle of water. I keep a couple of bottles in my car, one beside my bed, I always have my Hidrate Spark 2.0 in my purse, and I have a ton of refillable bottles stocking up my cabinet. Staying hydrated is must in my life and it should be in yours! Continue reading “Healthy Habits :: Benefits of Staying Hydrated & Easy Ways to Do It”

New Year – Same Me

Ah! I haven’t posted in SO long! I’ve been crazy busy at work and constantly sick for the past three months. No fun. I also wanted to take a bit of a break to focus on me and my mental health a bit. I’m sure some of you can relate, but the end of the year isn’t always the easiest. I’m almost back to normal sickness level (yay for chronic illness, right? lol) and I am recommitting to this blog and to posting! I’m super excited for some of the things I have planned for this year! I’m super pumped about the new year!

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