Monday Mantra :: Start Your Week with Positivity

I recently started trying to improve my mindset and my outlook on life. I used to be the most negative person, but after some deep reflection, I realized that it was impacting many areas of my life. Each week I look up mantras to start my week with. My Monday mantra list has become one of my favorite part of my week.

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June Goals :: Crushing The Month

Hey y’all! It’s been a hot minute since I’ve blogged. I’ve been just focusing on every day and enjoying it. But now I’m back! I realized a week or so ago I missed blogging and connecting with y’all. I’m sharing my June goals! Make sure to share your June goals with me in the comments.

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February Goals :: Wheel of Life Goal Setting

Monthly goal setting with the Wheel of Life.

Hey! It’s been minute – a long minute! I had some technical difficulties in January and couldn’t really get my blog working, but the last update from my host fixed the problem. Which is great, because I was about at the point where I was going to call in professional help. . . but luckily it’s all fixed and I can share with you how I utilize the Wheel of Life to set goals!

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December Goals

I know this month is all about Blogmas, which I love, but I decided to still try and most my regular content, too. I’ve been so spacey on posting lately, so this is going to help get me back into the swing of things before the new year! As with each new month, I’ll be covering my monthly goals today! December is such a crazy month, so my December goals are going to be challenging.

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November Goals :: Let’s Get Real

I am so pumped that it’s November, but on one hand it’s like, UHM, how is it already November?? You feel me? It totally feels like it was just February so I am basically lost. So I set down and made a plan with my November goals in order to really feel like it’s actually November.

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End of Year Resolutions – 2018 Edition

My team has learning and accountability meetups every Thursday. It’s fun because it’s a great way to check in, be held accountable, and we all help each other meet our goals. As a team, we sat down and defined what we wanted to accomplish by the end of 2018 and set steps to get us there.  Continue reading “End of Year Resolutions – 2018 Edition”

Hello July :: July Goals

Uhm, ok. It’s freaking July! I cannot believe it’s halfway through 2018 already! I am so ready to crush my July goals and get ready for the rest of the year. I’ve been really slacking on most of my goals lately due to a lot of stress in my personal life, because of all of the stress, I’ve been spending a lot of time just focusing on not falling back into destructive behaviors. Sometimes we have to put things on hold to protect ourselves. Continue reading “Hello July :: July Goals”