Chatty Life Update

Hey, again! I know I was MIA all January, so I thought a little update might be in order! I’ve missed babbling on at you guys . . .

Ok, well you might not miss that too much 😛


Like I mentioned before, in December I started working at a local Housing Authority Office. Basically, it’s a public housing office and we help keep the property safe and habitable, maintain various federal policies, and general act like a typical landlord.

I’ve enjoyed it so much, so I hope it works out and I get to stay here awhile. It’s definitely different from Dillard’s, but in the best way. Of course I miss the shopping available in the retail environment, but my wallet does not!

Health & Fitness

I’ve been trying to focus more on nutrition, because that’s where most of my issues have always been. I’ve got a few different books on nutrition and I’m loving what I’m learning so far. My next step is to go through the certification process for our mindful eating program and then I’m going to look into other nutritional certifications. I don’t currently have any plans to go back to college for anything nutrition, but I am keeping that as an option for the future.

I’ll be sharing how to make a fitness plan later this week, but I put one together for myself for the next 8ish weeks. My main focus for these next 8 weeks is to generally improve my fitness and shed some inches. I’m not too focused on the weight aspect, but more how my body carries the weight and how I look and feel in clothes.

I mentioned a few times last year that my IIH was pretty bad and I wasn’t having many good days . . . Well, lately I have had many more good than bad days. I am finding a HUGE correlation between what I eat and how I feel over the next 36-48 hours. I’m not too fond of this (haha!) because it rules out a lot of my favorite things, so I’ve decided to adopt a 85/15 style of eating. I’ll eat pretty clean and free of “trigger” foods 85-90 percent of the time and enjoy some of my absolute favorites (hopefully not too many “trigger” foods) 15-10 percent of the time.

Aside from the food triggers, my IIH hasn’t been too bad. I’ve managed it pretty well. I’m hoping a return to exercise will have a positive effect — but I’m a little worried I’ll over stress my  body.

Anything else?

Ummmm, I think that’s it! I honestly thought I had wayyyyy more to get all chatty with, but it turns out I don’t!

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