December Goals

I know this month is all about Blogmas, which I love, but I decided to still try and most my regular content, too. I’ve been so spacey on posting lately, so this is going to help get me back into the swing of things before the new year! As with each new month, I’ll be covering my monthly goals today! December is such a crazy month, so my December goals are going to be challenging.

This month I’m going to be focusing on productivity, organization, and getting my relationship with food back on track. I kind of check out during November and focused on just being in the moment and enjoying myself. This was amazing and completely necessary, and I don’t regret it a bit. However, it led to me letting myself get to comfortable with not sticking to my goals!

Productivity & Organization

In December I am going to be focusing on being more productive in all aspects of my life. I haven’t been very organized in many years, despite my numerous attempts, BUT I’ve totally got the motivation and the desire this month. That is honestly the magic combo!

I’ve got this amazing daily planner sheet from Anthropologie. It sets it up by hour and has a short must do and want to list. I honestly love it! My short fall with productivity is typically a lack of guidelines, which is why  I function so well at work and have no shortage of productivity and organization there. 

Day Planner :: December Goals ::

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This little planner sheet is obviously going to help me nail organization, too. I’ve also decided to tackle 30 minutes of home organization each day. I get so overwhelmed when I go to clean and organize, so I think having a short time frame will force me to focus and be more productive. 

Relationship With Food

Honestly, my relationship with food isn’t as shit as it’s been in the past. I haven’t been practicing any disordered eating behaviors, but I haven’t been focusing on improving my health either.

December Goals ::

I have been enjoying peppermint everything in November and I am loving it! But, like any good thing, you can totally have too much and I definitely did. I broke my dependency and caffeine in the beginning of 2018, but November clearly set me back. I feel like the sugar cravings are honestly getting out of hand and I honestly think it’s only a matter of time before I fall back into other bad habits. So I’m going to change it, stop the cycle, and get my shit together.

I’ll be talking more about this when it comes in and I have all of the nutrition information, but I am doing a three week whole food ‘cleanse’ program that focuses on breaking bad food patterns, eating whole, raw veggies, and resetting our digestive systems.

I’m going to be keep a super detailed log (on paper & instagram) so that I can show you the struggles, the triumphs, and the end result. I’m honestly so excited because I know this will push me into facing my issues and embracing the hard. 

Hard is where the magic happens. Hard is where the change happens.

Basically  . . . 

I want to start amazing habits now so that I can carry them into 2019 and have a more productive, healthier new year. I know I can do this and I know, with Cody’s support, I can nail this month and my December goals.

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  1. Wonderful goals, Sarah! I think that planner sheet is really cool and it’s good it’s detailed like that, it’ll surely help with organization! I need to develop healthier eating habits as well! I have yet to enjoy anything peppermint so I’m super overdue! 😫

    Geraldine |

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