Easy, On the Go Workouts

I’ve been on the road a ton lately! My niece has had sports activities a few hours away, I’ve been helping my mom update a home she owns in Tennessee, and this has all led to 10+ hours in the car over a two or three day time span. I’ve been practicing my new intuitive, mindful eating principals (more on that another day), and I’ve been staying active by quick doing workouts in the evening or during downtime in the afternoon.

I know Gossip Girl is such a random show to be watching right now

I downloaded it and I’ve been watching it during the car rides. It’s perfect for this because I’ve seen it before, meaning I can still talk to everybody, use my phone, or do my Sudokus without missing out on any important details. Plus, Ed Westwick is gorgeous and I freaking love Taylor Momsen!

I usually keep tally and then quickly do the workout when we get wherever we are going. It always takes my mom and my niece a little bit to settle in before we start working or go to the function, so this works for me! It might be easier for you to keep a tally and then do it before bed, first thing the next morning, or split it up whenever you have a free moment.

I love hotels

I could happily stay in a hotel every weekend! My dream me time when I’ve been crazy stressed is a really, really, really fancy hotel weekend. I don’t even need room service or the spa services – I just love hotels! So this is easily my favorite part about being on the go nonstop lately.

The great thing about most hotels is that they have an amazing gym, too. However, I find I’m not usually up for that after a day on the road, so I usually pack my resistance bands and ankle weights and knock my workout out in the room.

Bechbody has an amazing app – BOD – with tons of different workouts you can do anywhere and I use it daily at home, but I prefer something less structured when I’m just gone for the weekend. My favorite workout ever is booty day so I always make that my weekend away workout!


How do you stay active on the go?

I never used to do it, but now I do I come back from weekends away feeling so much better!

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