Fab Fit Fun :: Spring 2018

When we went to the post office Monday afternoon, it was so crazy. We had about seven boxes and a few smaller packages, too! I know our post office people think I have some sort of shopping problem! I was super excited to see that among my spoils were my March IPSY Glambag, my latest Poshmark purchase, and my Spring Fab Fit Fun Box!

I’m in love with Fab Fit Fun! It was one of the first subscription boxes I signed up for and I honestly don’t see myself getting rid of it any time soon. Fab Fit Fun is a quarterly subscription box that sends boxes out in March, June, September, and December to coincide with the different seasons. For $49.99 a box ($179.99 if you sign up for an annual subscription) you get OVER $200 worth of fun, on trend beauty, health, fitness, and fashion products. Ok, I’ll say it again — OVER $200 worth of cool things for $50!

This is FFF fifth birthday! Super cool! Since they launched their first box in 2013, they’ve added a ton of fun things! Members now have a chance to customize certain aspects of their boxes, FFF partners with a charity, and so many other cool things! My favorite is the ability to add items on to your box each month! Not only do they give you the option to donate to a charity, you can add on some awesome items from past months and from other partners.

This month I added on two things I’ve been wanting to try and an old favorite! It’s no secret that I am re-obsessed with 80 Day Obsession & Beachbody, so I thought the Fit Book Lite would be cool to try! I’ve never tried a fitness journal, so this will be fun! I also nabbed the KNC Beauty Lip Mask! I have ridiculously chapped lips from my co-dependence with lip balm & my lip sleeping mask, so I’m hoping this will be a good tool to help prep my lips for lipstick days. I couldn’t miss out on my summer staple of Avene thermal spring water. I love face mists, especially in the summer for long days spent at the zoo and various ball fields. They really keep you cool!

Each season since Fall 2015, FFF partners with different charities! This Spring they are partnering with Girl Rising. Girl Rising is a super cool charity that helps empower girls around the world through education! There is nothing cooler than giving back!

This month is such a fun box! You should hurry and sign up before they sell out of the Summer ’18 Boxes! It’s super easy — Just click!

Usually when I pop open the box, I get super excited about one or two things and immediately know what’s going to be my favorite. This time, I’m having trouble picking! I think that means it’s a pretty good box!

I’m such a candle hoarder, so I knew I was going to love the Fresh Linen scented candle from Anderson Lilley. It’s from their Sunset Collection and is made from a hand poured Coconut wax blend. The stunning bronze container instantly adds drama and flair to any room. I know I’m going to burn through this SO fast – but that’s ok! The container is going to be perfect to reuse. Maybe for pens, make up brushes, or a quick change jar? I don’t know, but I know I love it.

I’ve been working out between four and five times a week, typically for about 45 minutes, so I am going to put the Physique 57 Massage in light grey to PLENTY of use. It’s great to keep your muscles from getting too tight and from being too sore. It does break up some of the nasties in your muscles, meaning just like after a professional massage, you need to drink plenty of water to flush them out. I love that this is small enough to travel with; it’s perfect to toss in the bag to combat long hours of travel and the soreness that brings.

I’m head over heels for the Zahara Reversible Clutch from Rachel Pally. I’ve been making the switch to smaller purses, but with this fold over envelope clutch, you don’t have to compromise space for style. I’m in love with the creamy ivory leather and the pop of color on the front. Zahara has an almost chambray blue in it, making it perfect to dress up or down. It’s reversible, too. My favorite is with the creamy side out and the tiny pop of color at the bottom. Something this cute and this versatile? Game changer.

I’m loving the Korres Guava Body Butter. I honestly store hydrating lotions like a squirrel getting ready for winter. I’m always dehydrated, so in addition to mainlining water like its my job, I put hut lotions or oils on my body two or three times a day. This Korres body butter is perfect to keep around for when you feel like you need an exta surge of moisture. The shea butter and avocado oil provide instant and lasting hydration. I can’t be the only one who randomly realizes my elbows or whatever or too dry? I’ve been keeping mine in my living room; I get super dry hands. Bonus – It smells like a beach vacation in a bottle!

The Black Daydreamer Tassel Earrings from Ettika are the perfect Summer staple. Tassels and fringe have been so big the last couple of years for Spring / Summer and these are perfect for everyday wear. These are discreet enough that they aren’t going to freak out your family, but big enough to make a statement, too. I always go for big earrings because little ones get lost in my hair. Haha! I haven’t broken out my Spring clothes yet, but when I do, these will be my go-to!

I’m a bit uncertain about the ISH Lip Statement Palette. I love that you can create TONS of different lip combos because this palette contains ELEVEN different colors. Guys, that’s ridiculous. And I love that these colors are formulated with shea butter, aloe vera, and a couple of different oils so it’s incredibly moisturizing. I’m uncertain because a lip palette seems a bit impractical for touch ups and all that.

Dermelect’s Cosmeceuticals Makeover Concealing Ridge Filler is brilliant! (insert raise hands emoji) Thanks to Shakeology and my daily hair and nail vitamins, my nails grow pretty fast and have become a lot stronger this year. However, no amount of vitamins are going to immediately fix the mess left behind every time I remove my fake nails. This product doesn’t reverse the damage, but it does conceal it so everybody can’t tell your nails are a mess. The super subtle color mimics most nail’s natural color and it’s packed with protein and vitamins to help your nails from the outside in. Stocking stuffer come December? I think so!

Murad included their amazing oil free Skin Perfecting Lotion. This lotion is super light weight and absorbs crazy fast, making it perfect to layer under sunscreen or makeup. It minimizes the look of pores and improves skin texture over time, as well as reduces redness. This is going to go into Cody’s lineup since it’s so light weight. He also has more issues with large pores and redness than I do, my skin is mainly just really dry. My uber dry skin gets extra crazy moisturizers.

I’ve never used n eye mask, so I was not excited about the Free People x Understated Leather Starry Eyed Travel Eye Mask in teal. I honestly wasn’t sure if I’d ever use this, but when I woke up with a horrible migraine one day, I sent Cody rushing to find this eye mask. It has a non-toxic cooling insert which is great for when you wake up with a little puffiness or have headaches. Cody tossed the insert into the fridge for about twenty minutes and then I had pretty great eye mask experience. I was honestly surprised. I keep reaching for this when I need a mid afternoon pick me up or I have a bad headache. I think it’d be great for traveling and can’t wait to try it in the car.

Before clicking ‘Subscribe’ on any subscription box, I want to make sure it’s worth it. Some have seemed worth it but once I’ve gotten a box, I’ve realized that maybe it wasn’t the best bang for my buck. I’ve never felt that way once with any Fab Fit Fun box because the value is so amazing. My box comes to the amazing value of $347! I paid $50 for tons of stuff that will become staples in my life.

Even boxes where I don’t absolutely love everything, I have friends that will. It’s fun to collect all that stuff and then have a big swap party every once in a while.

It’s super easy to sign up! If you love the great value I’ve gotten or think the products are amazing, sign up for Summer 2018 before they sell out. The Summer and Fall boxes are always my favorites!

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