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Hey! It’s been minute – a long minute! I had some technical difficulties in January and couldn’t really get my blog working, but the last update from my host fixed the problem. Which is great, because I was about at the point where I was going to call in professional help. . . but luckily it’s all fixed and I can share with you how I utilize the Wheel of Life to set goals!

So let’s get back to business! I had a few goal planning and setting posts planned for January, but I scrapped them. I’m going to include some of the important, helpful details in other posts, so you won’t miss anything!

I’ve set some huge, scary goals for 2019.

February 2019 Goal Setting with the Wheel of Life

I took January as kind of a “starter” month, but I planned that into my goals so I didn’t lose traction. I used my starter month as a way to get comfortable with some of the changes I’ve been making and to get used to having a 9-5 job again (although, it’s 8-4:30).

I’m following a modified Wheel of Life approach to set monthly goals, as I did to set my 2019 goals. I break some of the areas down, even more, depending on the month, so if there are more headings in the post than on the Wheel of Life, it’s just me getting in depth.

I’m sharing the fun Wheel of Life I use to plan monthly goals! It’s linked at the bottom for you to download!

February 2019 Goal Setting with the Wheel of Life

I love adding positive, motivational quotes to the side! They’re great to reread each day to get into a goal mindset!

I actually review my monthly goals each night before bed, so I wake up in a goal mindset. It was suggested to me by one of my mentors and it has really changed how I approach my goals. I also find I have more motivation to reaching my goals!


My health goals are a huge focus for this year! We have plans to go to Florida in October and I would like to feel comfortable and confident in whatever I decide to wear, so I’m going to be focusing on making progress all year long.

In February, I’m going to be concentrating on following our amazing mindful eating program and starting a new, 20-minute program from Shaun T. Nutrition is important because I have a tendency to not eat enough. It’s always been an issue, especially when I workout. As you probably know, if you don’t eat enough, your body will hold onto as much of what you do eat as possible, leading you to not be able to lose weight, tone up, or make progress since you are not getting enough nutrients.

I’ll do a future post sharing more about our mindful eating program and the many ways it’s improved my relationship with food and my body.


We all want more money, right? I know, I know . . . Money doesn’t solve everything, but it would make life a lot easier.

We really need to update Cody’s car, so saving for that is a major focus. We are taking a portion out of each of our paychecks (every time we get paid) and putting it directly into a different “No Touch” checking account.

I also made a little over $400 last year with Poshmark. I only focused on the actions needed to make sales once or twice a month, so I didn’t sell consistently. I intended to focus on the necessary actions two – four times a week, with a focus on Poshmark on Sundays. In this way, I hope I can make sales a few times a week. The money I make from Poshmark is going to be split equally between Cody’s Car Fund and our Vacation Fund.

Personal Growth

I’m reading personal development books and listening to various podcasts, as well as learning more about nutrition. I’m currently reading T is for Transformation and Eat Pretty.

T is for Transformation is by the amazing Shaun T. He talks about his life and struggles while giving you the tools to deal with your own struggles. It’s been a powerful read thus far and I find even ten minutes with the book leaves me feeling powerful and ready to conquer whatever may come my way.

Eat Pretty, by Jolene Hart, discusses the body’s connection to the food we eat, how powerful that connection is, and teaches you how to utilize certain foods in order to better your skin, hair, and nails. I’ve learned a lot about what foods have which vitamins. I’m not even halfway through yet, but I know more nutrition books are in my future.

Physical Environment

Two words :: Kon Marie.

I haven’t watched the Netflix documentary yet, but I read the book when it first became popular, and it’s an interesting theory. I’m such a clutter bug and though I have been getting rid of stuff slowly, I still have way more than I need or care to have, honestly. So I’m hoping to Kon Marie some of my things. I don’t have a set room to start in or any idea of how much I want to get rid of, I just know I need to reduce so much.

Family & Friends

I’m such a homebody that I honestly don’t spend much time with my friends or family. That probably won’t change. But, I do plan to check in on my friends and family more. One of my friends is having a baby (yay!!!), so I’m hoping to spend more time with her and her little family after he arrives.


I recently started a new job during December at a local Housing Authority. I sincerely enjoy it and I hope to be able to work with my supervisor in order to facilitate more events and projects that would help our tenants.

I would also like to move my health coach business forward and help more women (and men!) find comfort with themselves and their health choices.

Personal Relationship

Cody and I are in a pretty good place right now 🙂

I would like us to communicate better. Most of our issues stem from one of us misunderstanding what the other has said. This month we will be having more tech-free time together. We tend to get caught up in whatever we are doing on our phones and not spending as much time talking or communicating.

And you . . . ?

What are some of your goals for February? Have you used the Wheel of Life before?

Don’t forget to download your copy of this Wheel of Life version! Let me know how it works for you!


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  1. I love this so much! I’ve never seen a wheel like that before and I love how your goals are broken down into those specific categories! One of my main goals is to blog more consistently as well.
    This will definitely come in handy. Thanks for sharing!

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