Four Apps that Consistently Make Me Money

$280 – That’s how much money and rewards I’ve made since January by inconsistently utilizing these four amazing apps. I can only imagine how much money or rewards I could have made if I had consistently used these! Let’s just say adding them up and realizing how many opportunities I had to use them when I didn’t was a wake up call.

I’ve never been the type of person who wanted a 9-5 job. I’ve always dreamed of dropping my kids off in sweats, coming home to grind away until it’s time to pick them up and plug 100% of myself into parenting until they go to bed. I made the first step on this journey earlier this year! I broke up with my retail job the first week of February (for so many, many reasons) and decided to take this summer to see if I could make enough strides in my at home grind to break up with the 9-5 life forever.

I’m a full time pajama wearer now.

It’s been a struggle. The at home grind takes a lot of hard work, focus, and motivation. I like to keep it real with you, so I’ll be honest — I haven’t been on that grind until the last few weeks. Which makes it so much more important that we save money. Most of these apps take hardly any time and yet, they still make a difference. We use our ‘app money’ as fun money and vacation money. You get what you give with these apps, meaning when I buckle down this month, I’ll get some great rewards next month!

Receipt Hog

Guys, I’m all about this app. I’ve made my mom download it, my besties have it on their phones, and so does Cody. It’s the easiest. You just snap photos of your receipts! Yup, that’s it! Each receipt gets redeemed for coins and those coins get redeemed for rewards! You also can earn ‘pulls’ on their slot game (by snapping each week!) – which is another way to earn coins! You can cash out for PayPal payouts or Amazon gift cards. I stockpile until right before a vacation and then get a PayPal payout.

I don’t utilize this app enough! It takes hardly any time to snap a photo of receipts. When I first got the app last year, I was super diligent and snapped every single freaking receipt that came even close to me. Out with friends? Snapped their receipts. Oh, receipt on the ground at Menards? Snapped it, too.

I’ve started putting all of my receipts into a bag and snapping them once a week. This isn’t working for me because sometimes Cody throws them away, they get too crinkly to snap clearly, or I get distracted and forget about them. I’m going to start snapping receipts as soon as I get them, in the car after shopping, and checking each night to make sure I got all of them.

They don’t currently have a referral program and usually have a wait list, but you should definitely check them out!


I know you’ve seen this floating around Pinterest, but that’s because it’s worth it! This app lets you clip coupons for various products and, after proof of purchase (taking a picture of the receipt and sometimes scanning a product’s bar code), puts the savings into your account. Once you’ve reached $20, you can withdraw the money via PayPal, Venmo, or a range of different gift cards.

Ibotta is super easy; you simply find offers (aka coupons) that work for you and your family at tons of different retailers including Sam’s Club, Kroger, Target, and Walmart. They also connect you with restaurants, convenience stores, gas stations, pet stores, and online retailers for deals that work for everybody.

Once you pick where you’re going, you get to look at the different offers and add them to your list. Always check for ‘Any Offers’. There is always an ‘Any Item’ that you get .10 cents for and sometimes you can find ‘Any Brand’ ones that allow you to buy off-brand items and still get the cash back. The main downside to Ibotta is that they mainly offer cash back for name brand items, but the major upside is it’s a great incentive to try new things!

You get opportunities to make bonuses, too. You can do this by building your team, buying certain items together, or buying a certain number of items during a period of time.

Overall since I’ve joined in 2015 I’ve made $66. However, I literally used it for two months in 2015, zero months in 2016, and one month in 2017. Out of the $66, $41.95 has been made since January 2018. That’s almost two dinners out for me and Cody or tickets to see something cool on our trip. My friend cashes out and the money goes directly to groceries. Every third grocery trip of hers is almost paid in full by Ibotta.

Sign up with the code jaawgtt to join my team (yo, it’s free!) and we can hit those team bonuses together!


I’ve dedicated an entire post to Poshmark because I’m in love with it. Poshmark is very straightforward – you take photos of your (preferably gently) used clothing or accessories, set a price, sometimes haggle that price, and then send it out in the mail! You don’t have to wait until you have a set amount of money for you to collect your payout, but you do have to wait until the buyer approves their purchase(s). You can get your payout via PayPal or check.

Poshmark also saves you money because you can buy gently used items for extremely reasonable prices. You can also find tons of things that are new with tags! I need to get back on the Poshmark grind. I have a huge clothing rack full of stuff I need to photograph and several pairs of shoes to clean up, too.

If you sign up with my code (bysarahshea), you get $5 off when you place your first order! That’s basically free shipping : )

Receipt Pal

This is super similar to Receipt Hog! I have no idea how I stumbled onto this app, but I’m glad I did! You can take photos of your receipts (just like Receipt Hog!), but you can also hook it up to your different emails!

I’m going to be insanely honest with you — this one is last because I don’t know that much about how it actually works. I don’t snap photos of my receipts with this app, I just sit back and let my rewards add up from my email accounts. All of my Amazon receipts, Sephora receipts, and all of that have added up to about $50 in rewards in the last four months.

Obviously this will vary depending on how often you shop online and if you snap pictures of your receipts you can easily double what I’m working with right now.

What do you use to make money?

I mean, I’m always looking for a new app to add to my favorites, so tell me your favorites!!

After Warped Tour, we’re going to start putting the app money toward future house and moving expenses! What do you do with your app money?

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