Hey Again – Life update & all that

Hiii!! I’ve been MIA for a hot minute! It’s been months since I posted a new post. I’ve written several, but never took the photos or anything because my heart wasn’t in it . . .

But now I’m back! I did some deep digging and I’ve decided to focus on more health and fitness with a dash of lifestyle mixed in. I’ve spent the summer working as a health coach while focusing on my own health – mental, physical, emotional – and getting myself to a good place.

I ended last year burnt out with everything. I hated my job and felt indifferent about everything else in my life. After talking it over with Cody, we decided that taking a step back from pretty much everything was in my best interest.


Everything. Works, friends, family – everything.

I slowly worked back into my health coach business and taking care of myself, but I let a lot of things fall to the back burner. I discovered that you honestly have to put yourself first.

The summer wasn’t super easy. We cut back on a lot of things that weren’t strictly necessary, but brought us joy like going to the movies, new outfits, fancy meals out, but we were saving for a good reason! We already had a couple of things planned this summer – like Warped Tour – so it was important to be successful at cutting back.

I might share later how we manged some of it. It really helped that I had apps on my phone that made money while I was off consistent work. I eventually started making money as a health coach, but it didn’t happen until after I started taking care of myself and filling my cup first.

What’s next?

I’m continuing with my blog ad as a health coach, but I am also looking for a typical style, 9-5 job, because I have BIG plans for 2019 and that includes Cody and I relocating.

I am so freaking excited for the future now and to be back loving life again. I get that not everybody has the luxury of putting their life on hold for a month to reset. I just hope everybody finds what they need in order to be the best them. For me, it was our health community.


Talk soon, babe – Sarah


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