Mini Lush Haul & New Girl Netflix Workout

I was in Chicago recently and it was so much fun. We went to a few museums, tried some great restaurants, and got to walk around town – despite the kinda cold temps. One of my favorite parts is always hitting up the Magnificent Mile and all of the great shops that go with it…. H&M, F21, Zara, Coach, Free People, Lush….

I love Lush so freaking much!

I was so pumped to go to the Lush store. I love the smells, trying new products, and the employees excitement. It’s contagious! Unfortunately, I forgot it was Sunday and the store closed before I got there (by twelve minutes – cue the pout). To remedy this, I hopped on the Lush app on the train home and ordered a few things I just had to try.

A little background about Lush, just in case you aren’t aware how cool they are. They focus on handmade products – even some of their wooden fixtures in store! and ethically sourced ingredients (sometimes even local!). Lush believes in fighting against animal testing, organic products, safe synthetics, and vegetarian ingredients.

I always spend more than I mean to in store, so my goal was to keep it under $100. Well, I almost did. Pre-tax it was 101…I almost made it! BUT I got five amazing, good for me and the environment products for that price. I firmly believe that sometimes you have to pay a little more to get something that is a little better for you. Plus, with most Lush products, a little goes a long way so they really last.

Ocean Salt

The first thing I added to my cart was a no brainer and an old favorite – Ocean Salt. I first got this years ago during my first visit to a Lush store. I exfoliate head to toe about four times a week, so I when the associate pointed this out to me, I knew I had to try it and I am so glad I did. There’s a reason its one of their best sellers!

It’s filled with tons of fun things :: sea salt (coarse and fine), lime extracted in vodka (fancy!), avocado butter, grapefruit infusion, and so many other cool things. It smells like a tropical vacation every time you use it.It doesn’t leave your skin feeling dry or anything either, which is a huge perk. But always moisturize after! Softest skin ever.

It’s so pretty on the inside!

Hot Oil Treatment

I got two different hot oil treatments – Damaged and Hair Doctor. You prepare them both by melting the glob at the end of the stick in hot water and then applying to your hair. My only experience with hot oil treatments are those in the tiny bottle from the drug store, so I am super exited to give these a go! I’m doing some serious damage to my hair as my colorist preps it for blue over the summer, so I am practicing tons and tons of hair love via hair masks and moisture treatments.¬†Look for a review & more in depth post on these bad boys soon.

R & B Hair Moisturizer

So this is super cool. I almost grabbed this on my last Lush trip, but I didn’t. IT doubles as a light styler and a moisturizer. The lady who helped me last time raved about R & B and after reading all of the reviews on the app, I knew I had to get it. I’m hoping it will be enough hold for everyday, around the house hair (otherwise it gets crazy huge). I also want to try it on Marley’s waves.

King of Skin

This butter bar was a last minute add on because I’ve had such dry skin lately. I’ve been adding vitamin e oil into my daily lotion, but it often leaves me feeling greasy and doesn’t soak in well. King of Skin had such amazing reviews, all of them boasting about their improved skin, that I had to add it to cart! I was a little worried about the size, but it was bigger than I expected, so I know the value is on point for the price. It’s my new morning go-to. My schedule is a little strange, so I shower in the middle of the day (no shame, ya’ll) right after my workout. So when I wake up, I’ve been throwing King of Skin on asap. I moisture three times a day – wake up, after shower, and right before bed – and that can sometimes take up a lot of time, so this is a nice time saver.


I cannot wait to try out all of these products! I think I’m probably going to write a couple of in-depth reviews on the ones I love, because sharing the love is the best!


What are your favorite Lush products?

Mine are the Ocean Salt body scrub and Olive Branch body wash. They’ve been staples in my cabinet for so many years!


New Girl + Home Workout? Yes, please!

I’ve been all about the Beachbody workouts lately (because they rock, baby!), but I haven’t give up on my all time favorite workouts — Netflix style!

Netflix workouts are great because (a) binge watching tv and (b) you can kind of do whatever type you want! I love to have Netflix playing while I meal prep, clean, but sometimes I totally just veg out on the couch and watch way too many episodes. Recently, the latest season New Girl was uploaded so Cody and I had to plow through it super freaking fast. I’m so pumped for next season though! And so sad that it’s going to be the last one! But, I digress. . .

These Netflix workouts are so easy! If you want to get fancy, you can print out the page and keep a tally as you go. I usually number them and just keep a tally on a spare sheet of paper.

I’ve been all about really feeling my workouts lately, so I’ve been adding ankle weights and resistance loops so that I can get the most bang for my buck. You can even double loops for more intensity! I learned that trick in 80 Day Obsession!

Do you do home workouts? Netflix workouts?

Let me know your answers AND your favorite booty moves!



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