Meal Prep :: Banana Bread Carrot Cake

If this post seems a bit familiar to you, that’s because I’ve written about it before! When I switched my site over, well, I lost several posts. I’m not the tech-y type and I’ve been struggling with figuring all this out. Thank goodness for all of the wonderful bloggers that share their journey; it’s been a huge help.

I took inspiration for this recipe from one of my favorite blogs, Ambitious Kitchen. Check out the original recipe here!

The original recipe has instructions for an amazing cream cheese icing, but I usually skip it. If I’m feeling the yummy goodness of icing, I usually just make the basic cream cheese icing with a dash of cinnamon or opt for a sprinkle of powdered sugar.

I love to make this recipe in muffin tins. This makes them perfect for on the go snack or breakfasts. Let me know if you try it out! I think I might add raisins next time . . .



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