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Meet Sarah

Hi, guys!

Welcome to By Sarah Shea!

Sarah is smiling at the camera while wearing a grey hooded sweater. She has blue and purple hair.

I currently reside in a very rural town just a few miles south of the Middle of Nowhere Midwestville. I navigate life with my fiancé, Cody, our six pets, and a chronic illness called IIH. When I’m not playing fetch with my youngest cats, you can find me reading or watching a RomCom on some streaming service while a candle burns in the background. 

I’m passionate about wellness and health being attainable for everybody and every body. I believe that fitness is for everybody, food guilt shouldn’t be a thing, and that life is about balance.

Sarah is smiling and wearing vibrant pink leggings, a light tie-dye sweatshirt, with her hair in a ponytail.  She is kneeling next to a dog stroller that holds a chihuahua.

By Sarah Shea is where I blog about my health and wellness journey, my favorite things, and recipes I’m trying and loving.

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Thanks for stopping by! I hope you stick around!

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