My 2020 Health and Fitness Plan

Happy Monday! I feel like I’ve been living in a Post-Holiday fog these last several days and I can’t seem to shake myself out of it! One way I always get myself back on track is by making lists and plans; it helps me refocus on what I need to do and things that need to get done. Today I refocused on my health and fitness plan for 2020 and I thought I would share it with you.

I have been toying with my health and fitness plan for a months, tweaking it and changing it to fit my goals this year. I did a deep dive into my health and fitness goals already. But the gist is that I’m refocusing on my health because I kind of let it slide. This slide has a direct impact on my IIH and other health issues and I know that getting back to the healthiest version of myself will help me feel healthier every day.

To start . . .

I’m starting off the year doing one of my favorite nutrition programs! It’s a 21 day program focused on cutting out processed foods and sugars and making sure to consume plenty of fruits and veggies in their place. Unlike a lot of things we see on the market, this doesn’t require any thing difficult like drinking only juice for three days straight, a “skinny” tea/coffee, or anything else that would be harmful to your body. I’m going to be sharing in depth on my Instagram each day and you can follow along here! I’m going to do a review & results post when I finish.

And the workouts . . .

After I finish getting my nutrition back on track, I’m going to start a workout program. I was consistently working out until about September or October of last year when I re-injured my knee. I’m currently insurance free so I have not been to the doctor (whoops), but I’ve been focusing on stretching and slowly reintegrating different moves. After hurting it in high school, I haven’t been able to do lunges and similar moves. I think that’s how I hurt it again – by pushing myself too hard. I wanted to start this awesome program that came out and was made by a guy that trains pro athletes, but I’m not sure my knee is ready for the program.

Instead, I’m going to start with a low impact barre program that I am so excited about. I’ve always wanted to take a barre class, but around here there are not a lot of options and the only one I found was $35 a class. Considering I pay $99 a year for my home workout membership (excluding any pre-orders), I couldn’t ever convince myself to pay that. I even pre-ordered the barre program and it was cheaper than the price of one class.

Bonus? You don’t actually need a barre to do it. You can use a sturdy chair or counter. I’m still considering ordering a barre – because I’m extra – but it isn’t necessary.

After barre, if my knee is not hating me, I’m going to start the conditioning program made by the guy who trains pro athletes.

Let’s talk nutrition . . .

As for how I’m going to eat while working out, I plan to keep it pretty clean. I’m not going to go too restrictive, but for the most part I’m going to limit my grains , dairy, and processed sugars.

These are three things that cause my body to have negative reactions when I eat them. I’ve always been lactose intolerant, but over the last eight months I’ve been having more severe reactions. Processed sugars and grains make me feel lethargic and tired after I eat them. You can get great physical results without cutting out food groups, and I want to stress that that isn’t why I’m limiting these items. However, I know my body and I know that I feel better when I don’t have these things.

I’ve never been great at willpower, but I want to feel my best this year and sometimes that means picking salad over loaded fries.

After each program, I’m going to do a results & review post for you so you can get a closer look at these programs.

What is your health and fitness plan this year?

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