November Goals :: Let’s Get Real

I am so pumped that it’s November, but on one hand it’s like, UHM, how is it already November?? You feel me? It totally feels like it was just February so I am basically lost. So I set down and made a plan with my November goals in order to really feel like it’s actually November.

I’ve been struggling lately with my seasonal depression. It’s been dark and gloomy and rainy the last week or two and it’s made it hard to be productive, motivated, and to go about my daily life. I’ve seen my anxiety spark this week and it’s getting to be too much. I hope know that by setting these goals and by focusing on them I will be able to cope better.

Fitness Goals

This month I’m just going to focus on getting my workouts in and on improving the quality of each workout. I often skip workouts if I’m not feeling 100%.

There is a difference between your body needing to rest and recovery and just generally being tired. I often use my anxiety and depression as a reason to skip workouts, when in reality, they are all the more reason to workout. No, I’m not one of those people that will tell you working out will cure anxiety/depression, but for me, it honestly improves my mood for the day.

I want to push harder in workouts as a way to relieve stress. I think it will be fun and interesting to see what my body can do when I push it. I tend to live wayyy inside my comfort zone and we know that ain’t where the magic happens!

I’m going to work on cleaning up my nutrition. I completely believe that we NEED ALL food groups (yes, that includes healthy fats and carbs), but lately a huge food group for me has been coffee and sugar. Um, not the greatest!

I have also found myself falling back into old disordered habits concerning food and that’s not cool, nor is it how I want to treat my body anymore. Focusing on eating whole foods prepared at home with me knowing exactly what I’m eating and limiting my sugar intake is key to getting back on track.

Financial Goals

Ahhh, I have SO MANY THINGS I want to accomplish in my fancial life, but I’m slowing down and focusing on just TWO things this month :: saving and purging.


I’m starting a new job (heyyy, regular paycheck. missed you!) and we plan on saving one paycheck a month for a future car purchase and one paycheck for future wedding related expenses. That leaves two paycheck we don’t currently have to put toward fun things and bills. 

I also am going to start taking $60 out each week and putting in our fun money fund. We use this for things like trips and weekends away. It’s money we tend to forget about until we leave so it’s awesome to have extra pocket money on these trips.


I’m thoroughly going to purge my closet and shoes. I have tons of stuff I’ve only worn once or twice that I most likely won’t wear again. I’m going to start posting these more consistently on Poshmark. I’ve made money selling things there in the past, which is an added bonus!

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Business Goals

Like I mentioned, I am starting a new job in addition to being a part time health coach. My main business goal is going to be working on my time management in order to post consistently without pushing myself too far or sacrificing too much sleep. 

I am also going to read three personal development books this month. Maybe I’ll do a review for you guys!

Personal Goals

Personally, I’m going to try to be a better listener in my relationship with Cody. When we argue, it tends to be because we have misunderstood what the other is saying. Also, I want to better articulate why I am upset or displeased with his actions. I tend to just assume he knows why I’m upset, but often, after we talk, I realize he has a completely different understanding of the situation. 

So, guys, what are your November goals?

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