Last Minute Gift Guide for the Animal Lover

This was so not the plan for Blogmas Day 5, but well, plans were meant to be broken. Right? I got the idea for the animal lover gift guide when I was shopping for my annual puppy grab bag for Cody’s brother and sister-in-law. Plus, who doesn’t love watching a furbaby get excited when they get a gift?

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5 Tips for Holiday Shopping – From an Ex-Retail Worker

Holiday shopping tips & tricks straight from a (past) retail worker!

I spent two and half years working in retail and I can honestly say it was one of the most rewarding, challenging, frustrating, fun, and angering jobs I’ve ever had. But I learned so many amazing tips that I use every single time I shop. I decided to share some holiday shopping tips that I picked up while working retail in the hopes that it will help you during your holiday shopping.

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December Goals

I know this month is all about Blogmas, which I love, but I decided to still try and most my regular content, too. I’ve been so spacey on posting lately, so this is going to help get me back into the swing of things before the new year! As with each new month, I’ll be covering my monthly goals today! December is such a crazy month, so my December goals are going to be challenging.

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Last Minute Gift Guide for Him

Ranging from sweet, quirky, and downright fun, I know these gifts will be great for boyfriends, dads, besties, and even your office husband!

Hey, it’s Blogmas Day Two! And being the super last minute person I am, I’m sharing my favorite last minute gifts for the man in your life! I have done approximately 14% of my Christmas shopping.

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A Guide to Picking the Perfect Last Minute Gift

My top tips to picking the perfect last minute gift that screams ‘I put effort and thought into this’ and not ‘opps, I forgot . . . again’.

I’m so last minute. Like, with everything, almost. I think this year was the first time I finished my niece’s advent before November 31st. Although I only finished wrapping them this morning . . .  Since I am so familiar with the last minute life style, I thought I’d share my tips to picking the perfect last minute gift that screams ‘I put effort and thought into this’ and not ‘opps, I forgot . . . again’.

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Apple Pie Banana Bread

I adore this bread! It’s moist, flavorful, and packed full of hidden veggies. Each serving is huge, filling, and has zero added sugar. This apple pie banana bread so easy to tweak if you have dietary restrictions and it’s yummy enough even your kids will love it!

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Lush Wish List

I recently deep cleaned my bathroom, which included tossing tons of old products. I had multiple bottles that were almost empty with just one use or so in them. The majority of these were super out of date, so the decision to toss them was easy and long overdue. One thing I noticed was that almost all of my empty, completely used products were from Lush. I’m going to slowly replace all of my lotions and scrubs with Lush products! 

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November Goals :: Let’s Get Real

I am so pumped that it’s November, but on one hand it’s like, UHM, how is it already November?? You feel me? It totally feels like it was just February so I am basically lost. So I set down and made a plan with my November goals in order to really feel like it’s actually November.

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