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The first step is admitting you have a problem, right? That’s what I always hear anyway. Well, guys, I have a shopping problem. I won’t get too into the ridiculousness of it all, but I literally cannot store all of my shoes, clothes, and accessories without resorting to boxes and just stuffing them everywhere. The downside of working in retail ;P The upside – so many clients suggested Poshmark as the perfect solution!

I’ve been really working on downsizing.

Cody and I both agree that it might help with some of my anxiety issues. We held a huge yard sale last year, but it rained both days so not a lot moved. After, it took a while for me to come to terms with the idea that I may not exactly need all of my things. I’ve embraced it now, and I’m totally aware of the fact I don’t need the like 12 things in my closet that still have the tags on!

My shopping issue has emboldened me and, over the years, I’ve purchased a lot of items that I don’t really need and that don’t really fit my style. A lot of these were work clothes, some were occasion items, and a few just happened to be on the right shelf at the right time. I had originally downloaded Poshmark to find a wallet to match one of my favorite purses, but eventually I branched out and slowly – one piece at a time! – started posting some items for sale.


Some items flew off the shelves – others take a bit longer.

So far, I’ve only sold ten items, netting myself around $150. I’m not going to lie to you, some of the items I posted I sold well below what I could have gotten for them. Like a pair of Cody’s brand new Abercrombie jeans (bought for $88) – I sold them for $20, making my cute $16. Recently I’ve become a little more particular and I’ve been trying to recoup a bit more of my investments. This means I don’t just take the first (or fourth) offer somebody sends me on an item.

I have a huge laundry basket filled with items I need to take pictures of and I still have several boxes to go through. I try and only put gently loved clothes into the Poshmark pile. Any sweaters with heavy piling, shirts that have lost their shape (stretched or shrunk), and anything too outdated go into a donation pile. I haven’t really gone through my shoes or purses yet, but I know I have several pairs of shoes that will make the Poshmark cut! I even have a basket of Cody’s things I need to steam and photograph.


So tell me more . . . is it really that easy?

Poshmark is super cool, but it isn’t free. There isn’t a monthly or annual fee, instead, they take a small cut of each sale. If it’s under $15, they get to keep $2.95 — if it’s over $15, they get to keep 20%. But don’t worry about trying to do the math, Poshmark will you let know every time you set the price or get an offer what your cut is going to be. I love that I can tell with one quick glance how much I’ll be taking home. It makes accepting or countering offers super easy.

Poshmark also does all the heavy lifting for you! They take care of figuring out all of the postage, shipping labels, and all that pesky tracking. All you have to do is pack it up and drop it off! The whole packing/postage process usually takes me five minutes tops. It’s super cool if you pack it all nice. I like to throw in a perfume or cologne sample if I have one siting around (I don’t always).

This also helps butter people up for their reviews! Ha. I usually get pretty good reviews; it isn’t hard if you tell the truth about the products you post. But sometimes, not everybody agrees. For instance, one review docked me stars because the jeans didn’t fit them like they thought they would 🙂

Poshmark lets you cash out via check or direct deposit. I opened up an online checking account for my Poshmark spoils. I get it direct deposited and then either use my card to make purchases or pull it out at an ATM.

Bonus? Poshmark hosts fun parties where you can share your items that fir the theme. It’s helped me sell several thngs because the people clicking on these parties are looking for what your sharing!


Okay, sometimes I buy stuff, too…

I’m using the whole downsizing thing to revamp my wardrobe. Over the years, I’ve bought things I haven’t completely loved because it was available. Not anymore! I’m embracing my own personal style and only buying things I absolutely love love love.

Poshmark is great for that because I can get them at a discount and I can like an item, think about it for a few days to make sure I still love it and have other things to wear with it before I purchase it.

I’ve purchased two killer pairs of Jeffery Campbell shoes, a pair of One Teaspoon jeans, a pair of One Teaspoon shorts for Warped Tour, and super cute Kate Spade Great Gatsby notebook. I may or may not have a ridiculously large collection of notebooks. Well, whatcha gonna do? Gotta keep fueling one vice lol! Each of these things were over half off original price. So, that’s pretty brilliant.


Let’s Poshmark together!

But seriously, I only see Poshmark making me more money as I clean out my closet and saving me tons when I need to restock it! It really is easy and each listing has taken me less than five minutes to post. The longest part of the process is me re-convincing  myself that I don’t need it.

So hop on the app or whatever and follow my closet so I can check out yours! If your new to Poshmark, use my referral code – bysarahshea – to get $5 off your first order! That’s basically free shipping 😉

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