Recipe Round-Up

Recipe Round UP ::

Fri-yay! I wanted to get up a super fun recipe for you guys today, but my meal prep this week was ridiculously boring, so I don’t have anything exciting to share. But, I hope this recipe round-up will hit the spot.

Recipe Round UP ::

I gathered up all of my fav recipes I’ve previously posted and I’m excited to look back on them with you! Don’t forget to let me know what your favorite recipes are in the comments!

Lemon Sugar Cookies

Best Lemon Cookies Ever

YUM. These are freaking delicious and I can’t believe I haven’t made them yet this year. It’s officially on my to-do list.

The Most Amazing Chocolate Chip Cookies EVER

Best Chocolate Chip Cookies Ever

Ugh, I can’t even explain how freaking fantastic these are! Some literally live in my freezer always because they are perfect for any time and every time. I make them when people drop by unannounced when I have a last minute friend hang, or even just for funzies.

Apple Pie Banana Bread

Dessert? Breakfast? Bish, it can be either and I am here for it. This has hidden veggies, can be made with little sugar, and it so freaking decadent. I ate it for breakfast for like two months straight last summer. Then I made it into muffins and ate it for snacks. Lol!

One Bowl Brownies


This recipe is so simple and the icing is so freaking yum. If you are into easy but highly delicious recipes, this is a MUST.

Your turn!

Tell me your favorite recipes – or better yet, drop me links to some of your recipes!

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