Holidays and Diet Culture :: My Thoughts

I sat down last night to write this Blogmas post – originally about different Netflix Holiday movies I wanted to see, but hadn’t had the chance – but it wasn’t what was really n my mind, or my heart. I’ve been preoccupied with with diet culture and what it means in terms of the surrounding holidays. 

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December Goals

I know this month is all about Blogmas, which I love, but I decided to still try and most my regular content, too. I’ve been so spacey on posting lately, so this is going to help get me back into the swing of things before the new year! As with each new month, I’ll be covering my monthly goals today! December is such a crazy month, so my December goals are going to be challenging.

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21 Fitness Tips for Beginners

21 health & fitness tips I wish I knew when I started my fitness journey.

Fitness can be a scary thing to get into. If you google helpful fitness tips, you get tons of contradicting information and tips on whatever fad diet is the hottest. If you check Tumblr or Instagram, there’s so much potential to get trapped in ‘diet culture’ and all that ‘fitspo’ crap. 

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What Self Care Looks Like For Me

Self care is something that is so incredibly important. And yet, we often only hear about self care when somebody has had a tough workout or when mental health is having a moment in the media. But, self care is extremely important and needs to have a moment everyday! I’m super guilty about only ‘indulging’ in self care when it gets bad and not ‘practicing’ self care regularly. Continue reading “What Self Care Looks Like For Me”

Healthy Habits :: Benefits of Staying Hydrated & Easy Ways to Do It

I am never without a bottle of water. I keep a couple of bottles in my car, one beside my bed, I always have my Hidrate Spark 2.0 in my purse, and I have a ton of refillable bottles stocking up my cabinet. Staying hydrated is must in my life and it should be in yours! Continue reading “Healthy Habits :: Benefits of Staying Hydrated & Easy Ways to Do It”