Frugal Friday :: Saving Money with Ibotta

Saving money is so simple and easy with Ibotta! Check out my review and sign up today!

Guys, I’ll be frank — Sometimes a healthy lifestyle gets expensive. Now I know that money talk can be a touchy subject, so I’m not asking you to chime in with any numbers or anything. . . I’m just going to be sharing some things that have worked for me on my money-saving journey in a new blog series – Frugal Friday! Today I’m sharing how I utilize Ibotta, an amazing money saving app!

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Four Apps that Consistently Make Me Money

$280 – That’s how much money and rewards I’ve made since January by inconsistently utilizing these four amazing apps. I can only imagine how much money or rewards I could have made if I had consistently used these! Let’s just say adding them up and realizing how many opportunities I had to use them when I didn’t was a wake up call. Continue reading “Four Apps that Consistently Make Me Money”