Easy, On the Go Workouts

I’ve been on the road a ton lately! My niece has had sports activities a few hours away, I’ve been helping my mom update a home she owns in Tennessee, and this has all led to 10+ hours in the car over a two or three day time span. I’ve been practicing my new intuitive, mindful eating principals (more on that another day), and I’ve been staying active by quick doing workouts in the evening or during downtime in the afternoon. Continue reading “Easy, On the Go Workouts”

Favorite Shows to Netflix Binge

Fall is here! Now, I’ve heard some people argue that fall doesn’t start yet, and for them that’s fine. But for me . . . well, fall started the moment September began! And what better way to pass the chilly fall nights than with fresh popped popcorn, a cozy blanket, and a new to you Netflix show? Continue reading “Favorite Shows to Netflix Binge”