2021 Intentions

Happy New Year, accomplices! Did you guys have a good New Year’s Eve? Mine was so quiet and it was perfect! I absolutely love staying in, minding my own, reviewing my Best Year Ever workbook, and finalizing my 2021 intentions. I had the best time.

For the last three years, I have done Darren Hardy’s Best Year Ever and it has been revolutionary for me. Not only does it help me dig deep on what I really want to accomplish in the new year, but it also helps me reframe my thoughts around goal setting. Setting these goals helps me set my intentions for each year.

Today, I’m sharing with you my 2021 intentions. 

The Groundwork

Have you ever done Darren Hardy’s Best Year Ever? I was so skeptical the first year I did it with my team, but I set aside my skepticism and hesitantly did it. But, if I’m completely honest (and I try to be with you), I didn’t follow through with it. The last two years, I did the work, but not with 100% focus or belief. 

This year? I’m focused af and intent on doing the absolute most with this program. 

Have you ever been interested in doing Darren Hardy’s Best Year Ever? We’re currently doing it in my free Facebook collective. Everybody who completes it before January 31st gets put into a drawing to win a gift card. You can join here if you’re interested. This year we are focusing on A Year of You and crafting a year that serves you best — whatever that may be.

My 2021 Focus: Discipline & Intention

Intention: a thing intended; an aim or plan.

Every year I pick a word to encompass my goals for the year. This year, I couldn’t pick just one. After a long list of ideas, I meditated on it and two stood out to me 一 discipline and intention. 

But the rest of my list still felt right.

So while discipline and intention are my main focus words for 2021, I’m picking a focus word for each month. A word to encompass my monthly goals and to meditate on. I’m honestly so surprised to find myself excited for this year – but I am.

I want to be intentional in my thoughts and actions, intentional with my health and wellness, and intentional in my relationships. I want to approach this intention with discipline. I tend to lack discipline and I know if I utilize discipline in attacking my intentions, I will have more success. 

Discipline: the practice of training people to obey rules or a code of behavior, using punishment to correct disobedience.

My intentions are in three categories: wellness, business, and personal. I think there is some overlap, but that’s perfectly fine with me. My overall goal is to end 2021 more financially secure, healthy, happy, and confident than I entered it. I have a tendency to get complacent a few months into the year, so I am also focusing closely on a quarter by quarter intention system instead of a 365, big picture style, outlook. I’ll be sharing my specific, SMART style quarter goals in a later post.

Wellness Intentions

This year, my focus is on being healthier overall. I am focusing on being more well rounded in my workouts, obtaining a healthier body fat percentage, reading more often, and engaging in meditation and visualization. As my chronic illness makes my day to day life harder, I feel more and more driven to focus on holistic methods of reducing my symptoms. 

I haven’t always had the best relationship with making healthier choices. I tended to do them out of the desire to be thinner. That only gave me a disordered relationship with food and my body. Focusing on health as my main priority – and by tracking factors other than weight – I’ve been able to improve my relationship with my body and food.

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Work Intentions

As I focus on growing By Sarah Shea, I also plan to create a passive stream of income that will allow me to continue to work from home when we move later this year. I plan to get an ‘out of the house’ job when we move, but a steady stream of passive income would allow me to not have to overwork myself physically. I still need to practice, meditate, and engage in trial and error to find the best passive income for me and my lifestyle. 

Financial Security Intentions

This intention overlaps with my work intentions, but it also has stand-alone pieces. 

Cody and I have a tendency to skip saving and spend without tracking and make lots of impulse purchases. This has caused us to not save as much as we should and to dip into our savings a couple of times. This year, we are being intentional with our spending, cutting impulse purchases, and focusing on paying off our debt. We also are implementing a savings plan and we’re going to start paying ourselves first. 


Of course, these intentions and focuses are subject to change as our lives change. However, I am confident that I – with Cody’s help – will accomplish most of them this year. 

Stay tuned for my quarterly health & fitness plan!

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Three Q’s for You

Have you done Darren Hardy’s Best Year Ever before?

Do you set goals/intentions on a yearly or quarterly basis?

What is your word or focus of the year?

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