30 Before 30 – A Sort of Bucket List

I’ve always been a list person: to-do lists, to buy lists, to clean lists — you name it, I’ve made a list for it. Our house is papered in sticky notes, pretty colored lists I made on Canva, and lists jotted down on the back of used envelopes or recipts. So it was no surprise to anyone when my 30 before 30 bucket list began, on a whim, on the back of a gas station recipt.

Black woman with a pink headband types on a computer with a text overlay that says 30 before 30 A Bucket List for the Next Two years

To be honest, I’m kind of freaked out to already be 28. It feels like just a few days ago I was having my ‘Just Turned 25 Quarter Life Crisis’. I switched jobs, changed my hair, and tried to convince Cody to move to Italy. Turning 28 in September went much smoother…but I’m still not ready to be almost 30.

Some of my sort of a bucket list items are a little lofty, but that’s kinda the point, ya know?

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In the next two years, I want to focus on cultivating more joy in my life and doing more things that challenge me. I also want to make my health more of a priority. I’ve been slowly making my health more of a priority over the last few years, but I can always improve on that front. Some of the things on my list I’ve done before, but they bring me joy so I want to revisit them. Other items I’ve always wanted to do and have never made time for them.

If you made a bucket list for the next two years, what’s one thing that would be on it?

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