4 Instagrams I’m Obsessed With Right Now

I’m spending what might be too much time on Instagram right now and I’m not even a little sorry. When I pop it open every morning, there are a few accounts I immediately check because I’m excited about what they might’ve posted. Today I’m sharing the Instagrams I’m obsessed with so you can check out their fantastic grids.

Obsession Worthy Instagrams on BySarahShea

I’ve linked all the accounts so you can find them so easily! These are just a few I’m currently obsessed with and I would love it if you would drop your Instagram obsessions in the comments. I’m always looking for new accounts to follow.


Azulik is this ridiculously amazing resort in Tulum, Mexico. It has these absolutely incredible villas with breathtaking views.

Does it sound like I’m gushing a little bit? Because I am!

It’s so freaking gorgeous. If you have the travel bug or just appreciate beach views, you must check this Instagram out!

Cheveux by Shadow

This account actually belongs to the woman that does my hair. She’s a freaking genius, ya’ll. Just check out the vivid colors she does!

Shadow owns her own salon and even educates with Pulp Riot. If you need hair inspo, this is the account for you.

Plants by Her

Plants by Her is a planterior design account and it is so soothing to look at! They also do tips and tricks on their Instagram stories.

Lettered by Han

I’ve always loved personality tests and recently the Enneagram has had my heart. I’m a nine and it is so accurate – haha!

Lettered by Han is such a cute Enneagram account! She posts fun little drawings with different takes on each number. I found her by the Taylor Swift x Enneagram series she did.

If you love the Enneagram, this account is perfect for you!

I’d love to connect with you on the gram! I’m over at Wellness By Sarah Shea and I’m pretty active on it.

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Don’t forget to let me know your favorite Instagram accounts in the comments!

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