4 Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day is in just two days, ya’ll! If you just now realized that, don’t worry. If my last two years in retail have taught me anything, it’s that so many people wait until the very last minute to buy their gifts. Literally, the lunch hour on Valentine’s Day is so packed with people buying last minute ‘Oops I forgot!’ gifts. These four last minute Valentine’s Day gifts are perfect if you find yourself in this position.

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It’s fine; we all forget sometimes.

So, if you haven’t remember to grab that special somebody a gift for Wednesday yet, here are four last minute gift ideas that don’t scream I had ten minutes to grab something at the mall and had no idea what you’d want so I got you the same perfume/cologne I always get you.  Not that there’s anything wrong with gifting perfume or cologne (it’s actually one of my favorite things to receive!).

Subscription Boxes

This will forever be put on all of my gift idea lists because they are the gift that keep on giving! There are constantly new subscription boxes being launched from style, food, home wares, and even fitness items. I’m just sharing a few of my favorites today.

Rocksbox is a jewelry subscription service that lets you borrow three super trendy pieces with zero commitment. But if you fall in love with something, you can buy it a member discount. I’ve been getting them for almost a year and I’ve bought several pieces. I’m so in love with this subscription box!

Other great subscriptions include IPSY (super affordable), The Ring Boxes (for the engaged), Rent the Runway (for the fashion lover), and Fab Fit Fun (for the girl who has it all).

They make lots of great options for men, too, including Trunk Club (for the well dressed), Wrist Society (all about watches), and Southern Cigar Co.

Smart Watch

You don’t have to shell out crazy bucks for the Apple watch. There are several more affordable options like the Michael Kors Access watch which comes in several different styles AND you can get different bands to really switch up your look. If low key is more their style, check out the Fossil Q which has a slightly more laid back, casual look.

Both of these brands offer the full smart watch option (touch screen, full app options, etc) and the hybrid option (no touch screen, full app options, etc).

If your Valentine is more into functionality and perks versus style, Garmin has an incredible selection of smart watches that are sure to wow. Garmin has a selection of watches tailored toward fitness and some for those that are more outdoorsy.

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Date Night Outfit

So we see this in movies all the time and it’s adorable. If you two have fun plans for Valentine’s Day, grab them a cute outfit to wear for it!

Depending on your situation, a whole outfit may be a bit much, but a sweet note and a cute, new top or shoes left on the bed where they can find it? Perfect. Do you guys have plans to stay in? Grab some matching jammies or a cute couples tee.

Or something a little more . . . . adventurous. There are plenty of websites like Dollskill, Fashion Nova, and even Adam & Eve where you can find lingerie and related items. It doesn’t have to be overtly sexy if that isn’t your vibe; there are tons of cute, flirty options that are more modest.

Personalized Anything

Let’s be honest, personalized gifts make it seem like you thought ahead!

And so maybe your gift won’t be there in two days – unless you hit Things Remembered – but you can always wrap a picture of their present! Think personalized Nikes or Vans (maybe matching for the both of you?), or a cookbook filled with their favorite family recipes, a photo album of the two of you.

Get creative with it and it there is no way they’ll think you waited until two days before!

What are some of your favorite last minute Valentine’s Day gifts?

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