9 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

My favorite part of Valentine’s Day has got to be the various chocolates. So freaking delicious. But, as most people in my life can tell you, I’m not super into the whole Valentine’s Day thing. However, I am super into watching how happy it makes other people! Plus, it’s sweet to have a day where you get all about your significant other! I put together this list of fun date ideas for you and yours to enjoy this Valentine’s Day and the next.

I think the best dates are the ones where you spend ton of time together and have a great time. Here are my top picks this Valentine’s Day!

Make Dinner Together

This is one of my all time favorite date ideas! It can be romantic, silly, or fun! Pick out a recipe together on Pinterest (or make an personal fav), do the shopping together, and set the table all fancy-fancy. One person can make the appetizer, one the main dish, or you guys can make it all together! Don’t forget to document the fun!

Massage Night

This one can stay PG o take a sexier turn if you want. Grab some essential oils, relaxing music, light some candles, and take turns giving great massages.

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It’s always fun to give back and I find it especially rewarding during the holidays! Grab some inexpensive flowers (or pick some) and head to the local nursing home. Give each lovely lady (or man!) a flower and spend a few minutes talking to them. It’s such a rewarding experience and it really brightens their day! You can always take some sweet treats, too.

Breakfast in Bed

Who doesn’t think it’s super cute when people get breakfast in bed in movies? Surprise your babe with their favorite breakfast! Serve up to them with pretty dishes and on a tray so they can eat while being cozy in bed. Waffles, juice, and fruit are all super easy and fun. Shoot, it doesn’t even have to be your typical breakfast spread. If they’d prefer cold pizza and a Valentine’s Day beer, pick up their favorite pizza the night before and stash it! Make a dessert sampler, pick up Cinnabon, or whatever would float their boat!

Scavenger Hunt

This is super cute! Leave tons of clues with a fun present or date night at the end! You can start early in the morning and have them find different clues during the day.

Adopt a Pet

Oh, come one! How cute would it be to have a puppy or a kitty from your first Valentine’s Day as a married couple or the first Valentine’s Day as *inset whatever*. It might be a little pricey, but the eternal love and affection from your adorable new pet will more than make up for it! Plus, what a cute story AND you get to name it!

Movie Night

Ok, so this is a staple on any date list, but that’s because it’s awesome. Grab two or three movies that you’ve been just dying to see (rent of Amazon or Red Box if it’s super last minute) or how about those movies that you just can not believe they have not seen yet? Make sure to get your favorite snacks, grab some fancy popcorn, and a ton of pillows and spend the night cuddling and having a great time.


Watch the sunrise or sunset while cuddled up on a blanket with breakfast or dinner. It can be so romantic! I drug Cody to watch the sunrise with me a month or so ago and it was awesome.

Glamp It

It’s like camping but better! Get a cabin and spend the night together! You have nature, a fire, AND indoor plumbing. The best of both worlds.

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Okay, so maybe I should have named this 9 Valentine’s Day Dates I’d Love to Try! But seriously, these are so fun and most of them won’t put a strain on the budget.

What are your favorite date night ideas?

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