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April! I cannot believe it’s the fourth month already, ya know? Especially since March has been one heck of an interesting, unusual month. I’m using April to double down on my goals. I toyed with the concept last month and I liked the progress I saw. So, without further ado, my April goals . . .

Let’s get physical . . .

My Wednesday post talked a little more about this, but I’m currently doing 75 Hard in conjunction with 80 Day Obsession. For more details about that, check out this post.

Aside from the nutritional and physical aspects of health covered by 75 Hard, I’m focusing a lot on mental and emotional health this month as well. I’m not feeling as stressed as I have been in the past, despite everything going on right now, but even if I don’t feel like I’m stressed doesn’t mean my body isn’t feeling it.

So in order to help relax, I’m going to reduce my tv time and up my reading time. I’m also going to be phone free for the first thirty minutes of my day while I sit in front of my sun lamp and use my Bed of Nails. During this time I do breathing treatments, goal revision, and my gratitude journal.

To clean or not to clean?

I went on a HUGE AF cleaning purge last weekend and did everything in the house except my clothes closet. I boxed up everything that we will want when we move but don’t need now, priced everything for when we have a yard sale this summer, and then boxed up some stuff to donate when the shops open back up. We’ve finally rented a storage unit meaning i have my dining room back!

My original plan was to turn the dining room into a work and workout area for myself, but because of the current restrictions I can’t get the desk and chairs I wanted. Instead we are using part of it like an extension of the kitchen. We moved our portable island in there and purchased a microwave cart.

One of my monthly goals is to spend a set amount of time each day cleaning and straightening so I don’t need to have as many in depth cleaning days. I’m also doing two daily tasks that take under ten minutes each, for both Cody and I.

To help with this, I created a chore chart for our cork board. We keep the weekends low key so I have a Sunday/Saturday slot. Below is an example of how we use it! I fill it in by hand. Then note section we use to write things that come up.

You can download a blank one here.

Creativity is the spice of life!

I’m making time each day to do something – anything! – creative. I pulled out my coloring books, my paints, and all of my other art supplies so I can switch things up frequently. I’m also including baking in this!

April Goals on BySarahShea.com

In short . . .

My goals are to complete 75 Hard, 80 Day Obsession, calm first 30, daily cleaning, and plenty of craft and reading time.

What about you?

What are your April goals?

And before I forget, here is that super simple and majorly delicious peanut butter cookie recipe . . . I have tried for days to get this super simply, extra delicious cookie recipe to load and it just won’t.

Life happens. Look for that in the coming week or two!

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