It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Blogmas…

Happy blogmas, babes! And yes, I am once again attempting – nay, doing! – blogmas this year. I know, I know. That probably comes as a surprise since I haven’t been all that present this year. 2020 kinda kicked my behind and blogging was definitely one of the things that got pushed aside as I focused on my health and wellness this year. Despite blogging not being first and foremost, I kept coming back to it. So I am dedicating myself to the 2020 Blogmas season!

Silver Christmas tree decoration nestled in snow above the words Blogmas 2020

What is Blogmas?

Basically, Blogmas is where you set a schedule for posting consistently during December. I know some people that choose to post three times a week, every other day, the last twelve days before Christmas, or every day. I’m going to be posting on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Fridays this Blogmas. 

I opted to post three times a week to challenge my time management skills, my ability to plan ahead, and to make By Sarah Shea a priority. I could have definitely challenged myself with daily posting, but I think I would have rushed and produced posts I might not be the happiest with. So my main focus this Blogmas is getting up content that I am proud of and happy with while using Pinterest and my blog’s Twitter account consistently. 

What will I be posting?

I wanted to really focus on recipes this month, but that isn’t completely feasible with my current lifestyle. While I love cooking, my kitchen is tiny af, I have to keep my cats out, and then I have to rehome most of the yumminess I bake. After taking all this into consideration, I scaled back the amount of baking I would be including this month. 

I also considered the posts I gravitate toward when I read Blogmas posts. Personally, I love reading posts that are a look into the blogger’s life, so I plan on sharing some of my favorite things about the holidays, things I do each holiday season, and some holiday bakes (despite the last point about baking). 

I’m excited to share my favorite things with you this Blogmas! 

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In the meantime. . . 

You have to make these amazing chocolate chip cookies that are stuffed with caramel. Yes, you read that right! Caramel stuffed chocolate chip cookies! The recipe is from my latest cookbook obsession – Martha Stewart’s Cookie Perfection – and to be perfectly honest, these definitely count as cookie perfection! These were a huge hit at my mom’s office!

Caramel stuffed chocolate chip cookies are stacked neatly on a square plate and being held; middle cookie has visible caramel

They are perfect for those holiday cookie exchanges or those potlucks where you want to wow without spending hours in the kitchen. 

You can find the recipe here!

A little heads up — the recipe said to bake for roughly 20 minutes, but it only took between 10-12 in my oven! Just a little something to be aware of…so when you make them, maybe peak in on them a little early.

Stay in the loop

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I’m excited to share the 2020 Blogmas season with you!

And now I have to know . . . 

Who is your favorite blogger during the blogmas season? I’d love to check out bloggers I’m not familiar with. 

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