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I have a section of clothes in my closet that I don’t wear. I can’t wear them – not yet anyway. They are my favorite pieces from years past that are currently too small or they fit best at a certain weight. This section motivates me.

It’s why I press play in the morning for fasted cardio even though cardio is actually the worst thing in my life at the moment. It’s why I eat kale a couple times a week even though I prefer spinach. It’s why I changed the way I think about, approach, prepare, and eat food.

It’s what motivates me to live a healthier lifestyle. For so long I felt incredibly guilty that it wasn’t my health that motivated me most. That it wasn’t being able to chase my future kids around the yard.

I let this guilt get in the way of my health journey and hold me back for so long. But one day my coach said something that I think is just genius –

“What motivates, motivates!”

She went on to talk about how she’s always been motivated by being able to shop at will, travel whenever she pleases, afford the sort of life she always dreamed of while several other members of our team are motivated by achieving their ‘bikini body’, and how still other members might be motivated simply because of what their health journey does for them and how it makes them feel.

This made it all click for me. I just had to find what motivated ME – not you, not anybody else.

Let’s get real – nobody expects you to show up to your job everyday simply because you like what you do. That helps, but it isn’t all of it. You consider the benefits package, the salary, the hours . . . You have to find something that motivates you. A healthy lifestyle is no different.

Today I want to help you find what motivates you.

I honestly think it’s a simple as WHY , WHERE, and WHAT.

Why do you want to workout? Why do you want to fuel your body better? What do you want from this workout? Where do you want your body & health to be in 3 months? 6 months? A year?

What will you do when you reach it? What is rewarding for you?

For me, these answers were easy :: I wanted to workout to look and feel better in my skin and when I reach different goals, I almost always reward myself with some sort of clothing item.

Some days are harder than others.

I don’t wake up motivated to workout everyday and I don’t wake up ready to pass on all the chocolate everyday.

Some days? Totally!

Most days? Nope.

On the days I don’t, I re-visit a list I made at the beginning of my journey. It’s a list of different health & fitness milestones and what I plan on rewarding myself with when I reach each goal.

Some milestones include not pausing during my cardio workout (cardio is SO hard for me), staying on point with my nutrition for 7, 14, and 21 days in a row, hitting my water goal for XX number of days, and so-on.

My rewards vary depending on how hard the specific task is for me. For the cardio one, I’m going to reward myself with a $60 ASOS order. When I hit my water goal for an entire month, I bought a cool and cute water bottle at Target.

Make your own list.

Set a list of things that will be easy, moderately hard, and very difficult for you to accomplish and then set rewards for each. If you are more motivated by having a bikini body, set your rewards around that. Maybe a new bathing suit and other items for you next beach trip that you wouldn’t have worn or bought otherwise, but always wanted.

I hope this helps you stay on track and create motivation in your life! I’ve been using this system in other areas. If I do my daily cleaning task around the house, I add $3 to our vacation fund. If I don’t get Starbs when I go to Target, I add the $6 that it would have cost to our vacation fund.

What tricks and tips do you have for keeping motivated in your day to day life?





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