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I’ve been living for Etsy lately! I find myself reaching for it when I’ve got a minute to scroll in my phone. I’m always so obsessed with what others are finding on Etsy, so I thought I’d share my current Etsy wants. I add to my Etsy wishlist daily!

One of the reasons I’ve been obsessed with Etsy lately is because supporting small business a.k.a BossBabes is the freaking best. I love larger stores and the ability to find tons of stuff in one place, but there is nothing like supporting somebody’s dream! I make sure to grab something made with love from my Etsy wishlist for each major holiday and most birthdays.

Before we get started, little disclaimer :: I don’t own any of these photos and clicking on them should take you to the amazing Etsy page where you can support the rad af people behind these amazing products.

For the home

Boho Wallpaper Etsy Wishlist :: BySarahShea
The Great Gatsby Art Print Etsy Wishlist :: BySarahShea
Pizza Love Doormat Etsy Wishlist :: BySarahShea

For the babies

Baby Pillow Etsy Wishlist ::
Personalized Baby Puzzle Etsy Wishlist ::
Personalized Disney Onsie Etsy Wishlist ::
Small Town Kid Onesie EtsyWishlist ::

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Denver Broncos Baby Onesie Etsy Wishlist ::

For the Wardrobe

Feminist Mean Girls Etsy Wishlist ::
Mean Girls Seatshirt Etsy Wishlist ::
Valentines Day Shirt Etsy Wishlist ::
Pizza Rolls White Tee Etsy Wishlist ::

Other things

Lemon Scrunchies Etsy Wishlist ::
First Christmas Newlywed Ornament Etsy Wishlist ::

What amazing things are on your Etsy wishlist? Fav shops? Let me know in the comments!

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