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Guys, I’ll be frank — Sometimes a healthy lifestyle gets expensive. Now I know that money talk can be a touchy subject, so I’m not asking you to chime in with any numbers or anything. . . I’m just going to be sharing some things that have worked for me on my money-saving journey in a new blog series – Frugal Friday! Today I’m sharing how I utilize Ibotta, an amazing money saving app!

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When I committed to this lifestyle, I wanted to start buying more natural products, supplements, more organic food, and more free weights. It added up fast and I had plans to quit my retail job in a month or two and take the next few months off. I looked for other avenues to earn a little extra cash.

If you’re like me, you might’ve checked this idea out on Pinterest and found tons and tons of jobs that sounded nice, but for whatever reason, wouldn’t work for you.

I had actually downloaded Ibotta about a year before (or two years ago now), but had only used it off and on. When I decided to start using it regularly, I thought I might make an extra ten or twenty bucks, but I’ve really benefited from it!

Unfortunately, I lost access to my original Ibotta account and started a new account in April of 2018. I’m amazingly bad at remembering to be consistent with it, but even with inconsistent use, I have made $117.85 and only redeemed various rebates about 50 times. Some of those were even $.50 and $.10 rebates. I mean, that’s a pretty sweet deal! My mom has used her multiple times a week since she signed up last year and has collected over $300. So your earnings are completely up to you!

And it is so gosh darn easy!

You simply pick your store – Target, Kroger, Walmart, and more – and they list all of the coupons you can clip. Sometimes you can redeem the coupon multiple times! Whenever you’ve finished your shopping, you hit ‘Redeem’, scan your receipt, and (if they ask) scan the barcodes from the products you purchased. Money is usually added to your account within minutes (but it can take up to 48 hours) and you can cash out after you have $25 in your account. You can redeem your money via Paypal, Venmo, or a multitude of gift cards.

If you shop online, you can use it doing that, too. Amazon, American Eagle, Asos, Apple Music, Target and more are all available for cash back online shopping. I’ve actually never used Ibotta for online shopping because I forget, which is a huge mistake on my part! I’m going to have to start using it ASAP! They also connect you with restaurants, convenience stores, gas stations, and pet stores for deals that work for everybody.

Ibotta :: Frugal Friday Review on

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You can also qualify for bonuses and team bonuses. The bigger your team, the quicker everybody earns AND qualifies for bonus money. My first account (may it rest in peace) had a team of eight people and we got team bonuses weekly! It pays (literally) to have more people on your team!

Which means . . .

You should join my team! It’s 100%, completely free to use my sign up code (jaawgtt) and we can qualify for more team bonuses together!

Still not convinced?

That’s ok! We’ll dig a little deep so you can really see the perks!

To recap –

Ibotta is super easy; you simply find offers (aka coupons) that work for you and your family at tons of different retailers including Sam’s Club, Kroger, Target, and Walmart. Don’t forget the restaurants, convenience stores, pet stores, and online retailers!

Once you pick where you’re going, you get to look at the different offers and add them to your list. Always check for ‘Any Offers’. There is always an ‘Any Item’ that you get $.10 cents for and sometimes you can find ‘Any Brand’ ones that allow you to buy off-brand items or any name brand items and still get the cash back. The main downside to Ibotta is that they mainly offer cash back for name brand items, but the major upside is it’s a great incentive to try new things!

You get opportunities to make bonuses, too. You can do this by building your team, buying certain items together, or buying a certain number of items during a period of time.

Ibotta :: Frugal Friday Review on

What else?

Well, Ibotta just released an update where some stores let you connect your loyalty card (like Kroger!) so that you don’t have that extra step of scanning your receipt. It makes saving money effortless.

Depending on where you shop and what types of products you purchase, you can get amazing rebates. Like I said, my mom uses it all the time and has made $300+ in the last year and I have a friend that makes $30-$40 extra dollars a month with it. It may not sound like much, but it really adds up. Epeciall if you utilize the online shopping feature.

So, seriously, what’s stopping you from signing up? It’s free so you have zero to lose!

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  1. I’ve never heard of this particular app before, but now I’m curious to try it. Will sign up with your code now! It’s always nice to save some cash! Thank you so much for sharing doll! x


  2. Girlll! I LOVE Ibotta. I literally have saved almost $200 on there and I only started using it about 7 months ago! I just got my boyfriend’s mom started on it and now she’s talking everyone else into it. It’s such a good way to save on being healthy! I definitely think Walmart has the best deals on there as far as grocery shopping goes.

    💗 Alexx | Aesthetics by Alexx

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