Self Care During the Holidays

Self-care is complicated. It can look different for everybody. It can change depending on the day or season of life you are in. And it can sometimes be hard to make space for it. This holiday season I am being extra intentional about making time for self-care each day. 

Welcome to what I think might be the most important post I make all Blogmas. Self-care is something I am incredibly passionate about. Like, can get up on that ole soapbox and go on for hours! I think (strike thru think) know that making time for self-care is necessary for everybody, no matter what season you are at in life or what age group you fall into. 

You Aren’t Being Selfish

So many people skip self-care because they think it’s selfish to take that time for themselves. Self-care isn’t selfish but skipping it is. When you don’t take care of yourself, it impacts every part of your life. Literally, every part — health, sleep, skin care, happiness, friends, family — is impacted when you take care of yourself. 

I think people get the wrong idea about self-care being selfish. The media tends to focus on the more indulgent aspects and often neglect to speak to the more necessary self-care. 

Necessary Self-Care

I often say there are two types of necessary self-care: mental and physical. There are several different things that fall into each of these categories. All of them help facilitate a healthier, more balanced life.  

Necessary physical self-care looks like drinking plenty of water, making time for intentional movement, eating a variety of food groups (yes, even the fruits and veggies), and overall taking care of our body. Of course, the particulars differ from person to person. The foods that best fuel my body may not be the best foods for you. My favorite intentional movement (barre or weightlifting) may not be your pick. You may gravitate toward daily walks or be really into spinning when you’re stressed. 

Necessary mental self-care covers the emotional, psychological, and spiritual aspects of self-care. This can look like creating healthy boundaries in your interpersonal relationships, personal/professional development, practicing gratitude, or praying. I’ve been really focusing on boundary setting this season, along with honoring my feelings. 

Indulgent Self-Care

Indulgent self-care has been having a moment! To be honest, it’s been having several. But who can blame us? Indulgent self-care is really fun. When I think of indulgent self-care, I think of face masks, fancy chocolates, bubble baths, a fresh set of nails, and wine nights with the girls. 

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Indulgent self-care is all about the extras – the things we do that brighten our day or set the mood or make for a fun night in. I’m sure you have a go-to list of your favorite indulgent things to do. I love to toss on a sheet mask, grab a sweet and salty snack, and settle in with a new read while a favorite Netflix show plays in the background. 

Self-Care & The Holidays

When the holiday season rolls around, our self-care gets pushed to the back burner. It feels like there is less time to fit in a workout, our boundaries are being pushed aside, and we may not find the time to do the indulgent habits that bring us joy. When this happens, we can start to get short-tempered, snap at friends and family, and say or do things that we otherwise might not…all resulting in the holidays not being as fun as we think they should be. 

Does this sound familiar? 

There’s one quote by Randy Pausch that completely changed how I approach the holidays: Put on your oxygen mask first before assisting others. Basically, you have to take care of yourself before you can even begin to take care of others. It’s a pretty solid outlook on life. When we approach the holidays this way, we end up finding more joy.

Holding Space for You This Season

I want to encourage you to be intentional with your self-care this holiday season. Craft a self-care plan so that you are prepared for whatever might come your way. For instance, if you know you have a tendency to not drink enough water, skip your workout, and only eat junk the week leading up to Christmas, create a plan. Find a cute (and large!) water bottle to carry around with you so you aren’t without a drink when you need one, ask a friend or family member to workout with you. You can even plan out or make-ahead filling and nutritious breakfasts. You can use your workout to catch up, especially if you two go for a walk or do yoga. A solid breakfast that you love will make sure you have something consistent to look forward to during the week. It will also set you up with a solid base for the day. 

Indulgent self-care is also a great way to catch up with family or friends – even in our pandemic world. You guys can all grab a glass of your favorite beverage, get some of your favorite snacks, and Zoom while doing your nails or using a face mask.

Holding space for yourself can also look like carving out time just for you, like creating your own holiday traditions, making space to feel all of your feelings, sticking to a prearranged plan, or making time for rest.

Below I’m sharing some of my go-to self-care ideas during the holiday season. I’d love for you to share yours with me in the comments! 

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