Monday Mantra :: Start Your Week with Positivity

I recently started trying to improve my mindset and my outlook on life. I used to be the most negative person, but after some deep reflection, I realized that it was impacting many areas of my life. Each week I look up mantras to start my week with. My Monday mantra list has become one of my favorite part of my week.

I thought I would share with you my Monday mantra list from this week! I make them into graphics and set them as my Apple watch background. Don’t forget to share your favorite mantras or inspirational quotes in the comments!

When Life Hands You Lemons Mantra ::
Soul Food Mantra ::
Change of Plans Mantra ::
I Am Powerful Mantra ::
Don't Wait Mantra ::
Start Now Mantra ::
You Are In Control ::
Meant To Be Mantra ::

I hope your week goes well!

2 thoughts on “Monday Mantra :: Start Your Week with Positivity”

  1. Very inspiring and motivating quotes!
    Last week I learned that we need to be thankful also about negative things that happens in our lives because they are showing us the right way and teaching us for a better future!

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