Hello, September :: A Consistency Challenge

It’s officially the fourth quarter of the year — almost. I had a really great first quarter and then my stamina and drive kinda dropped off. I could kinda pull it together for a few days or a couple of weeks and then I would get complacent and . . . it would fall off again. So I’m challenging myself to a September Consistency Challenge. 

September Consistency Challenge on BySarahShea.com

This was completely inspired by Mattie James (side note — she drops so much knowledge on her instagram, you have to check it out). She ran a pretty labor-intensive consistency challenge based around Instagram a few months ago and then in July she did a blog consistency challenge in her Facebook group. I didn’t participate in either but after a very personally challenging August, I needed something to focus on and to motivate me. 

The rules:

  • Follow a set blogging schedule
  • 2 posts on my Instagram feed each day
  • 20/30 days of Instagram engagement tracker
  • 6 am wakeup call
  • Full skin routine am & pm
  • Stretch daily
  • Workout 7 days a week

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Follow Blogging Schedule

The challenge in this will be planning out my time so that I can create content that I am happy with and proud to post. This part of the challenge will test my time management skills and help me create a routine that will hopefully transition into the following months. 

Two Post on My Instagram Feed & 20/30 Instagram Engagement Tracker

I tend to forget to be present on Instagram, but it is truly my favorite social media platform. I love connecting with new people and my followers. It so fulfilling to share helpful tips and motivational quotes and I’ve met some amazing people that I truly consider friends. 

So my goal with posting more frequently and interacting with more people on the platform is to create a stronger connection with my followers and build actual relationships. The best part of social media is being social and that’s the part I’ve been skipping.

So I created the above tracker to make sure I am interacting and engaging with my online community and sharing my life – all parts of it – with my Instagram friends. Check out my Instagram here.

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6 AM Wake Up Call

For about two weeks in July, I was on that early morning grind and it literally changed my entire life. I had an hour of just me time before Cody got home from work and it was the perfect way to start my day. I listened to an audiobook, did my daily gratitude journal, and just enjoyed the stillness. I’m hoping to get that back this month and perfect a morning that makes me happy. 

6 AM is completely flexible, however. If I stay up too late or have a fitful sleep, I’m prioritizing a full 8 hours over an arbitrary wake-up call. The time is more to encourage me to go to bed earlier and make sleep a priority.

Full Skin Care Routine

I’m high key obsessed with skincare.

I was so conscientious of my skincare during the first part of the year and I restored my moisture barrier, lightened most of my hyperpigmentation, and got my skin to it’s best point. But the last few months I’ve been slacking and doing my skincare once every other day or so.  

I know thirty days of diligent skincare will literally change my skin and I’m excited about my results.

Workout & Stretch Daily

When I’m not working out consistently, my flares are worse. By working out daily, I’m not saying I’m going to lift heavy or run every day. Some days will be “active recovery” days where I do yoga or something like that.

I’ve been so stressed lately and I’ve noticed how tight my muscles are constantly. My goal with stretching every day is to loosen up my muscles and help prevent injuries.

The reason for this challenge . . .

is to complete each task every day and create habits that will help me better manage my time and be more productive.

I hope you feel inspired to create your own consistency challenge and to focus on creating an amazing September!

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