10 YouTube Videos That Changed My Life

I’m sure your looking at the title and wondering if these ten YouTube videos really changed my life and I’m here to swear that they did. And continue to change my life. I’ve made lasting and impactful changes on my skincare, my spending habits, and even encouraged me to stop hoarding a ridiculous amount of candles. I couldn’t help but share these videos with you.

10 Life Changing YouTube Videos on BySarahShea.com

I’ve created a playlist with my favorite videos, but I’m still going to do a little recap for you! Make sure to check out these wonderful creators and their content! I’ve linked them all!

Money & Budgeting YouTube Videos

I don’t know how I hadn’t heard about her before because I love watching and reading money management material, but last year I discovered Jordan Page’s YouTube channel and in two or three days, I had watched almost all of her videos.

Jordan Page Spending Freeze

I’m obsessed with her spending freeze video! Cody and I tackled a month long spending freeze last year and it got the best of us. Jordan suggests doing one week a month instead of 30 consecutive days. I mean, it’s genius in it’s simplicity and we are doing one each month starting in February.

Jordan Page 70/30 Simple Budgeting Method

This works especially well in conjunction with her take on weekly budgets that she explains in her simple budgeting video. Jordan breaks down grocery budgets and other basic budgeting to make it so freaking simple. We had a lot of odd, outlying expenses the last few months of 2019, so we skipped doing it during January to get a feel for what out basic expenses look like, but I’m excited to implement this into out budget.

I can’t wait to use these budgeting techniques.

We are also starting our budget completely in February (for the reasons above) and I’m doing a fun combination of Jordan Page’s 70/30 budgeting method and the 50/30/20 budgeting method from Healthy, Wealthy, Skinny YouTube channel. I stumbled upon the HWS video the other day actually and I love her percentage break down.

Healthy Wealthy Skinny 50/30/20 Budgeting Method

The theory behind both videos is that you would break down your take home income into what you spend and what you save. The 70/30 method is 70% of your income you spend and 30% you save. The HWS method saves 20%, spends 30% on wants, and 50% of the income is delegated to needs.

I talked about this a little in my 2020 goals post, but I would eventually like to get to a 70/30 breakdown of spending 70% (50/20 want/need split) and saving 30%. I love the idea of the need/want/save breakdown.

Skincare YouTube Videos

I’m OBSESSED with Nayamka. She goes by Nai mostly and is an amazingly talented, ridiculously gorgeous esthetician based in LA. Nai specializes in treating women of color and I highly encourage you to check out not only her YouTube channel but also her Twitter where she shares a wealth of knowledge. Oh, and once you check out these videos and her other links and become just as obsessed as I am, head over to her website. She’s got merch, products, and you can schedule an appointment with her.

The Golden Rx #60SecondRule LIFE CHANGING

This first video from Nai is literally life changing! This ONE skincare tip will change your skin in JUST 60 seconds! She’s been featured in Cosmo and other huge magazines because this tip is so freaking amazing. I’ve always had decent skin, but a month of doing this and my skin never looked that great. Fast forward several months and my skin glows, my breakouts clear up very fast, my hyperpigmentation has decreased, and stubborn blackheads I had had since high school are gone. Nai instructs you to wash your face for a full 60 seconds with your fingers to allow the ingredients in your face wash to live up to their full potential. You definitely need to check out the entire video for all of the details.

If the #60SecondRule will change your skin AND your life.

The second skincare video is also by Nai and tackles the much debated sunscreen debate. While this video primarily tackles SPF for people of color, everybody can benefit from learning more about sunscreen. As a light skinned person of mixed race, I had often heard conflicting information about sunscreen and didn’t use to wear it. While I’ve only had three sunburns, they have all been excruciating. My lack of proper SPF combined with my years of softball and tanning outside have left a negative impact on my skin. Since this video came out in July 2019, I have religiously worn sunscreen everyday. This includes days I stay inside. I also make sure to reapply as needed when I’ve been outside.

The Golden RX SPF Guide for Brown Girls

Part of my skin looking better can be attributed to the #60SecondRule, but a large part of it has to do with wearing the proper amount of SPF every day. My products I use have had a better canvas to soak into and I’m not counteracting their progress by going SPF free each day.

Scheduling Youtube videos

These next two YouTube videos are both by Jordan Page and have to do with planning and scheduling your life.

Block Schedule by Jordan Page

The first video tackles block scheduling, a type of scheduling very reminiscent of school. When block scheduling you separate your day into chunks of time and dedicate each chunk to something. When that chunk is over you move on. I used to do this at work, but until this video I never considered doing it at home. Once I incorporated this into my life completely, I’ve had a lot of progress on my tasks. It really allows me to focus completely because I know I have dedicated time to everything on my list.

Jordan Page Plan Your ENTIRE Year

The next scheduling YouTube video I’m highlighting from Jordan’s channel is about scheduling your entire year in January. I know, I know. I was thrown when I heard about it too. this video inspired me to buy a large desk calendar and now I rough outline of my life for the next twelve months. Of course this is subject to change, but I really encourage you check this out and see what you can schedule.

General YouTube Videos
Ted Talk - Change Your Closet Change Your Life - Gillian Dunn

I’m really into Ted Talks. I actually have Ted Talk Friday where I listen to a new one each week. Some aren’t a good fit for me, others I disagree with, but this one . . . Change Your Closet, Change Your LIfe . . . actually changed my life. This video focuses on not waiting to do the things you’ve been wanting to do. I don’t know about you, but I’ve always been the type to be like “I’ll burn this candle WHEN”, “I’ll wear this necklace WHEN”, and so many other “I’ll do this WHEN” items in my house. Using the items I love each day has brought so much more joy into my life. If you only watch one video from this list, make it this one.

MissAlex Fashion Hacks You NEED

The second general YouTube video I found last week on MissAlex’s channel. This video covers so many easy, actually useful fashion hacks. We’ve all seen the fashion hack videos on YouTube that turn out to be exceedingly unhelpful. This isn’t one of those. I know I’ll use almost all of these at some point.

So, you tell me. . .
10 Life Changing YouTube Videos on BySarahShea.com

Now that I’ve shared with you my favorite YouTube videos, I hope you’ll share with me yours! Sound off in the comments what channel or video I have to check out!

4 thoughts on “10 YouTube Videos That Changed My Life”

  1. I really need to start getting into YouTube videos as so many people I know swear by them for things like this. I do watch the odd TedTalk, the productivity video sounds like it’d be a good one for me! I always struggle to get the balance right and end up working longer but less productively as I’m burnt out.
    Alice Xx

    1. I was never into them much, but a work friend always watched them at lunch and it got me hooked. I’ve found so many helpful things! Good luck finding a good work/life balance; it’s something I struggle with as well.

  2. I haven’t seen any of these videos or creators! I need to check a few of their channels out. I really like that you included videos from larger and smaller creators here too. Says a lot about the quality of the content! x


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